November , 2017
AdVoice the new complete solution to the emerging economies of India
14:02 pm

B.E. Bureau

Q. How did the idea of AdVoice come up?

A. We started AdVoice with a vision to address the vacuum created by the low share of mobile audio advertising which existed despite nearly 100% penetration. As per the estimates, six billion people make 25 billion mobile calls daily, generating an ad inventory to play branded jingles to those callers that is unrivalled and yet remains untapped. The AdRBT format followed by AdVoice is democratic in reach and usability and can be used to penetrate both smartphones and feature phones.

Q. How has been your journey so far?

A. We launched AdVoice in India in December 2016 and have grown into the largest mobile audio advertising network in the country. Our current reach is around 70 million unique consumers monthly. We have partnered with Airtel and expect to announce further tie-ups with Indian mobile operators shortly. This will take the addressable audience to numbers that resemble that of Facebook and YouTube, albeit with different demographics and different ad experiences. We are present across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and are witnessing a strong uptake from leading local and international brands.

Q. How does AdVoice work?

A. AdVoice replaces the ringback tone, which is also known as the caller tune with an audio ad and allows brands to leverage mobile phone penetration and explore the simplicity of audio advertisements.

Q. What is it that makes you different from other players?

A. AdVoice is the only mobile audio ad network in country. As we deliver ad jingles over both smartphones and feature phones, we have an unmatched reach in rural areas and guarantee 15 seconds of listenership in the media cluttered metro and tier-1 cities. In comparison with radio which is the most popular audio advertising format, AdVoice has the benefits of targeting and measurability. An ad delivered by AdVoice is an ad heard and with zero wastage, our effective cost per unique listener is a fraction of that of radio.

Q. Who are your target audience?

A. The AdRBT format is suited for advertisers who wish to communicate on a large scale. While our solutions have proved effective for brand building, promotions and retargeting via storyboarding, we also provide call-to-action capabilities, sending offers via SMS and OBD. Ideally, innovative marketers from FMCG, automotive, e-commerce and BFSI among others, as well as government and NGOs would be our target audience. Interestingly, we have also received strong interest from local Indian brands looking to enter media dark and rural segments.

Q. What are the benefits of using AdVoice?

A. Audio is understood by everyone, irrespective of the language and the level of literacy. Advertisers coupling this with the average 15 seconds listener-ship and a nationwide reach are assured to
get access to the scarce resource that is human attention. Brands can measure such performances through online campaign dashboards. We aim to contribute to business and communica-tion objectives. We construct cam-paigns around the unique attributes and data that the AdRBT format provides and assist in script writing and jingle production. AdVoice also reserves 10% of its inventory for charity, humanitarian and non-government organisations and provides them with a platform to create awareness among the public.

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