January , 2020
AHSI hosts Bicentennial Flower Show and World Regional Rose Convention 2020
11:53 am

B.E. Bureau

The Agri Horticultural Society of India (AHSI) recently celebrated its bicentenary year by hosting the Bicentennial Flower Show and the World Regional Rose Convention 2020. Those present included Henrianne de Briey, President, World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS). More than 300 delegates and rose enthusiasts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, China, France, Belgium, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Malaysia participated in this bicentenary celebration.  Another major attraction was the amazing floral installations by world acclaimed floral artist, Phubast Chesdmethee (Poo).

Among the attractions was the Tea Tree Café by Arterra and Starbucks, a performance by Bickram Ghosh, a gaming zone for children, a floral fashion show, and home garden and handicrafts stalls. 

During the inauguration, Sunil Kanoria, President, AHSI, said, “This is a very proud moment for the society as we enter the bicentenary year. The Bicentennial Flower Show will bring together eminent national and international flower enthusiasts from all across the globe who will share their knowledge and expertise through technical sessions and seminars. We are also delighted to host the World Regional Rose Convention 2020 along with the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS), the Indian Rose Federation and the Bengal Rose Society. Together, we will ensure a never-before-seen visual delight and horticultural extravaganza.” He added the events and seminars that have been planned as part of the celebrations are likely to draw heavy footfalls to the AHSI and increase its popularity.

Henrianne de Briey, President, WFRS, added, “Since time immemorial, the rose has been linked with the Indian way of life and our queen of flowers is part of the art and the science of worldwide horticulture. I express on behalf of the WFRS my gratitude to the AHSI and its President, Mr. Kanoria, as well as to the Indian Rose Federation and to the Bengal Rose Society for their joint efforts to host the third World Federation Regional Convention in India. India and its ‘Rosarians’ are great contributors to the rose world and to the WFRS. I am convinced that the ‘colours of joy’ of Indian roses will bring a fantastic souvenir for all rose lovers in 2020. The Kolkata 2020 World Regional Rose Convention will certainly be recorded in our WFRS history and will contribute to serve our main objective which is to increase and share knowledge on the origin, the history, the culture and the conservation of the rose among all countries through the world.”

The Agri-Horticultural Society of India was founded by Rev. Dr. William Carey in 1820. It has introduced a number of agricultural and horticultural plants and commercial crops and standardised cultivation techniques of the same. The organisation currently possesses a traditional garden on a plot of over 21 acres having a wealth of valuable, vintage plants and trees.


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