August , 2017
App Watch - Just a click to make flying easier
14:27 pm

Ayantika Halder

Like all major industries, aviation too has undergone a digital revolution in the last decade. The advent of smart phones has made planning a trip and booking a flight as easy as switching on the toaster. Today, most airlines, airports, and travel portals have dedicated mobile applications that offer customers their services at the touch of your fingertips. AirWhizz is one such application that endeavours to make air travel easy for the passenger. It prides itself as “Your Personal Airport Assistant”. Once you book your tickets, AirWhizz takes over and help you along every step of your journey.

The app seamlessly connects passengers, airlines, airports and peripheral service providers at the airport to create a unique and personalized experience for passengers. The app is dedicated to connecting passengers with services at the airport like restaurants and retail outlets, lounge & spa services, airport hotels etc. It also integrates transport and cab vendors like Ola and Uber whose services can be booked from within the app itself. Users can also avail great offers and discounts at the airport through the app. Additionally, it provides the user with real-time information regarding flight status, boarding gates, baggage belt etc. as well as airport information.

Airwhizz has witnessed 30,000 downloads in the last 1.5 months. It is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. Rishabh Beria, Co-Founder of AirWhizz said   “AirWhizz have invested $200,000 into the company. We will be mildly monetising the app in 2017-18 and are expecting revenue of $25,000. In 2018-19, we are projecting revenue of $100,000 . We plan to introduce loyalty programmes in partnership with businesses at airports, online booking for meals, online shopping at duty-free shops, data on duty-free prices across airports. The app caters to the needs of the passenger post booking of tickets up until reaching their destination.It also covers all operational airports across the world and is constantly updated to serve passengers optimally.”

There are other interesting apps that are consistently assisting passengers. GateGuri and FlySmart disseminate information about flight delays. The only drawback is they post no negative reviews on restaurants and shops. Entrain, another free app that has been developed by the University of Michigan researchers, keeps jet lag at bay by mapping out the sleep schedule according to the body’s circadian rhythms. Entrain relies on your reported light data to recommend the best sleeping and waking hours in new time zone. All you need is to properly access the app by putting the current time zone, and the destination’s time zone.

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