July , 2019
Apps transforming the education sector
17:04 pm

Nikhil Raghavan

The Indian school education system is changing. Parents look for best learning tools and thousands of EdTech companies with their innovative products which are looking for ways to market their products and services. SchoolConnects, a social networking app for parents, is a platform that links these two communities. BE’s Nikhil Raghavan spoke to Umesh Jain, CEO, SchoolConnects.

Q. What is your company's business model and what is its unique trait?

A. We are a platform with curated content and internet-based community which grows as an ecosystem connecting parents, students, and EdTech partners. This allows B2B business opportunities to provide digital marketing for our EdTech partners as well as other brands and companies interested in similar target audiences. As a B2C platform, we also provide opportunities to directly sell products and services to already registered member parents.

Q. How does it complement 'smart parenting'?

A. Smart parenting is all about having the resources at hand. Our platform helps the parents to find all the needed resources at one place, allowing them to explore and choose the appropriate learning aids. It could be finding a tutor or a learning app or buying worksheets; everything is available under one platform in SchoolConnects.

Q. How does it use education related technology?

A. SchoolConnects has curated class and subject-wise digital study lessons along with videos in a well-organised and easily navigable manner. In addition to such learning materials, there are online tests that can be taken for each of those. Finally, the platform also provisions for online contests for students to showcase talent across the country.

Q. What is the present user penetration and what is your growth strategy?

A. SchoolConnects has a registered user base of about two lakh member parents from across all regions of the country. We are also having significant traction from tier 1 as well as tier 2 cities.

With a target of connecting one crore parents in the next four years, we have in place a two-fold strategy. One is to on-board as many ‘edfluencers’ who can adopt this platform in various interest areas and bring more parents on-board. This could be tutors, coaches, activity centres and other educators. The other is to drive all India campaigns that directly provide value to participating member parents and students which potentially have a word of mouth effect.

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