March , 2022
Assocham focuses on liver care in Illness to Wellness campaign
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B.E. Bureau

Our liver is a very important organ and contrary to popular belief, it does more than detoxify. This three-pound organ is considered to be playing nearly 500 roles within the body. It not only contributes to the digestive system but also stores haemoglobin to aid in the creation of red blood cells. Improper lifestyle, increase in stress and exposure to more and more toxins in food and water have resulted in rise of a number of diseases including liver diseases.

A study by World Health Organization (WHO) depicts that an approx. of 10 lakh Indians are detected with liver cirrhosis every year. Experts have opinionated that liver disorder is among the 10 leading causes of death in India - with fatty liver as one of the major reasons. They are also linked to diabetes, kidney stones, and rising heart disease rates. When lipids accumulate in the liver, it limits its insulin capability, and to compensate, the pancreas organ produces insulin, which is insufficient to cope with regular biological processes. As a result, the body undergoes insulin resistance, and a person develops pre-diabetic symptoms. Fats start to go into the bloodstream and get deposited in the arteries directing to the risks of heart stroke or heart attack. There are a number of institutes in India that are specialized in treating liver ailments and ASSOCHAM, an apex industry body, has taken up initiative in conducting sessions to make people aware about such health problems. It has recently conducted a webinar on "Managing Liver Care," as part of its Illness to Wellness campaign. Amongst a number of prominent health specialists, Dr. Bhavin Bhupendra Vasavada, Surgical Gastroenterologist, Hepato Biliary and Liver Transplant Surgeon, Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals, said “Liver has great regenerative power and can fight with the disease process until it is damaged beyond repair. Therefore, liver disease treatment should include screening, early identification, and prevention.” Besides leading a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and obesity prevention, a good way to take care of the liver is to reduce alcohol intake.

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