March , 2020
Bariatric surgery can be a cure for obesity
12:49 pm

B.E. Bureau

Obesity is a major health problem at present. A medical journal ‘The Lancet’ in 2016 stated that there are about 30 million obese Indians. It is expected that by 2025, this number will cross 70 million. People adopt various measures to overcome this situation but they attain little success. Excess weight and obesity is a condition
that triggers lifestyle-related ailments that can eventually turn fatal.

Dr. Debashis Dhar, Group Vice President, GPT Healthcare (ILS Hospitals) informed BE, “A proper diet and exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. This is also the key to reach and maintain an appropriate weight.” He added, "Bariatric surgery that has been a proven method to help people suffering from morbid obesity." ILS Hospitals has been a pioneer in this area and has helped hundreds of patients to overcome morbid obesity and lead a healthier life.

ILS Hospitals-Salt Lake is one of the finest institutes for bariatric surgery and weight loss programmes in India. It provides a state-of-art facility with some of the best practioneers in the field and promotes holistic and
healthy weight loss programmes. Dr. Dhar stated, “Here doctors would typically look at surgical interventions
as the last resort.”

Dr. Dhar further informed about the ILS Hospitals Obesity Support Group that brings together the people suffering from morbid obesity and helps the patients to overcome their condition. It helps them in understanding the benefits of a bariatric surgery by providing an ecosystem where they can interact with those who have undergone the procedure to avoid any misconceptions.


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