March , 2020
Bone cancer is curable if diagnosed early
12:51 pm

B.E. Bureau

Bone cancer develops in the skeletal system and destroys tissue. It can spread to distant organs, such as the lungs. Dr. J. Prakash, MBBS, MS(Ortho), M. Ch(Ortho), ATLS(USA), Fellowship in Orthopedic Oncology(CMC Vellore), Consultant Ortho Onco-surgeon, ILS Hospitals, spoke to BE regarding the treatment of  bone cancer.

Q. What is bone cancer? How is it different from other categories of cancer?

A. Any excess growth of bone which is not a part of symptom of other bone diseases is bone cancer. This is a kind of disease that can be possible in human beings of any age. Like malaria, diarrhoea, fever, even bone tumor and bone cancer is curable.

Q. How many types of bone cancer are there?

A. There are two types of bone cancer. Firstly, there is the Benign Tumor which grows at an exceptional slow rate and which is not a big threat to life. Then there is the Malignant Tumor which has a high growth rate and is life risking.

Q. What are the symptoms of bone cancer?

A. There are a number of symptoms. They are as follows:

i) If any lump is developing and it is very painful

ii) If you get a fracture without getting hurt

iii) If you are having severe body ache this is not curable by painkiller

Q. Is bone cancer curable?

A.  Bone cancer is very much curable. The moment you realise the above symptoms, you should consult an orthopedic
    onco-surgeon. One always needs to remember that an early diagnosis is the key to cure.

Q. Is amputation necessary in case of a bone cancer?

A. Not at all. Earlier amputation was the only treatment for bone cancer. However, at present, due to modern medicine and surgery various other options are available. With the help of modern techniques, the affected part is removed and is replaced with mega prosthesis. This also helps in faster recovery.

Q. What would you advise to the patients suffering from bone cancer?

A. I would like to advise the patients that if there is will, there is a way. You don’t need to be depressed.  Bone cancer is very much curable provided it is diagnosed early. Hence, the moment  any of the earlier mentioned symptoms are seen, one should consult an orthopedic onco-surgeon immediately.


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