September , 2022
Celebrating Birthday of Sri Lord Bhagwan Krishna with love
14:33 pm

Dr. H. P. Kanoria

In the midnight Lord Vishnu appeared as a child to 

Devaki with four arms along with his conch, mace, 

bow and disk in each of His four hands, His eyes were 

like luminous Lotuses, Srivastra upon His chest dressed 

in Yellow robe. Vasudeva (husband of Devaki) posted at 

the feet of Holy infant.

Vasudeva said, “O Lord! You are both immanent and 

transcendent. You are immanent in everything that the 

senses and the mind perceive, but one cannot perceive you, 

but infer. You are soul of all things, the only essence of 

being. The world is unreal. It is an illusion. O omnipotent! 

You have been born into my home to save the world. 

Devaki sang a hymn to the infant Mahavishnu. Devaki, 

“You are truly Vishnu, light of the spirit, the unmanifest, 

the vast, the luminous, the final refuge, soul of worlds. I 

beg you to hide this form of four arms with the shankha 

(conch), chakra, gada, kamala (Lotus flower) and be a 

child of mine. 

Lord said that being pleased with your Tapasya (meditation 

for years) along with your husband, I granted you boons 

to born thrice as child of yours. Both of you were thinking 

of me as your son and as God Brahman, you will evolve 

to even higher spiritual state of divine love and finally 

become one with Me.

Lord Mahavishnu too became a child and started crying 

like a child.

Absorb the mind in remembering Bhagwan Krishna with 

ardent love.

Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om | Hari Aum Tatsat.

Om Sri Krishna Om Sri Krishna Om Sri Krishna.


O children! Think of Me in love

Engage in doing duty with devotion.

Treat pleasure, pain, gain, loss, victory and defeat alike.

Understand your control on performing respective

duty only.

Have not motive of fruits of work.

Be never inactive, idle. Be full of spirit.

Be karmayogi, fixing mind and heart on Me in love.

Perform duty to the best of abilities being desireless

of fruits.

Control the mind by intellect.

See action in inaction and inaction in action.

In such way, accomplish everything.

Realize everything as manifestation or an act of Mine.

Purified by karma, realize the knowledge of Me.

Do all works abandoning attachment as an offering

to Me.

See everything in Me and Me in everything.

Always remember Me and do your duty.

Fix mind and intellect on Me to attain Me certainly.

Know that I personally care of the welfare of my

ardent devotees.

I accept the offering of ardent devotee with love.

Fix mind on Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me.

Unite with Me, set Me as the supreme goal and refuge.

Do all works for Me free from attachments, enmity and ego.

Offer service to Me with love and unswerving devotion.

Focus mind on Me, dwell intellect on Me alone.

Be free from anger, lust and greed.

Be truthful, pleasant, beneficial, non-offensive in speech.

I am seated in the hearts of all beings.

Surrender to me completely with firm faith and loving


Propagate my teachings with devotion.

Have everlasting prosperity, victory, happiness and

morality by performing duty with ardent devotion to Me.

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