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  1.  Is there a record about judgement in Hindu scriptures?

    Yes, there is. In our scriptures, Lord Vishnu (God) is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. With His cosmic energy, He manifested as Brahma and Lord Shiva. Brahma was entrusted with the creation of all human beings and other living beings. Lord Shiva was entrusted for destruction/elimination of the universe. Lord Vishnu is Himself the sustainer of the the universe. Lord Brahma is also in charge of writing the destiny or fate of each human being under Lord Vishnu, the Supreme One. There is Dharama Raj (Minister Judge of Righteousness or In Charge of Righteousness). His official, Chitragupta keeps record of each human being’s actions (good or bad), thoughts, deeds, service and love for humanity, creation, and God. Each human being is cast to either Heaven or Hell according to his/her action on earth. The soul incarnates again and again (i.e., takes birth on earth) till he/she reaches perfection and divinity. For good actions, angels take him/her to heaven. For bad actions, Yama (Demigod of Death) takes him/her to hell. An exceptional human being- one who loves God and has unwavering faith in Him/Her, he/she is taken by the angels of Lord Vishnu. He/she lives there in love and bliss of God.

  2. What is the reason and standard of judgement in your scripture?

    Judgment is based on rules and regulation framed by Dharama Raj under the direction of Lord Brahma. Every human being is divine. But divinity is covered by illusion. He has to perform his duties righteously to the best of his ability with his mind fixed on God. He has to be free from ego. He has to love God, love all human beings and creation of God. He will be cast to heaven. If he loves God and does all duties in the name of God, he will be sent to Vishnu Loka (Abode of God). If he kills another man/woman/child, judgement will be based on who was killed and how treacherously he/she was killed. If a person tortures a woman, he will also be tortured in hell in the same way. According to the degree of bad action, judgment will be given. At times, God forgives a man/woman/child if one surrenders to Lord Vishnu (God) in deep love. Degree of judgement also depends on the crimes vis-a-vis the position/status of a person. A king will be punished more severely as compared to a common man for the same crime.

  3. Who is judging and what are they judging with in scriptures?

    The answer is in the previous answers. However, Dharama Raj (the Lord of Righteousness) judges through his ministers and officials. He is judging the deeds, actions, and duties of every human being who are bound to Karma/duties. One has to perform duties to the best of their abilities, righteously, earnestly and honestly without harming the creation of the Creator.

  4. What made you decide to become a religious leader?

    I am not a religious leader. I am an industrialist, journalist, and humanist. I work for humanity and spirituality so that people live in harmony, peace, and happiness while performing their duties in the service of the Creator with faith in and love for the Creator. I am engaged in the creation of wealth for the welfare of human beings and the universe, without attachment and selfish motives. I believe, ‘Service to Living Being/Creation is Worship of God’.

  5. What is your ultimate purpose of following your faith?

    I believe that the essence and fundamental of all religions is faith and love in God. I believe that, I have divinity within me. I have oceanic strength. I am infinite and eternal. I have to perform my duties to the best of my ability without attachment and selfish motive while loving and serving creation and the Creator. Energy is never destroyed. I am His manifestation and I will be merged with Him.

  6. There are many different religions in this world, what makes you believe that you can attain your goal through your religion?

    My religion is my Mother. Mother is loving. Mother is the first teacher. One learns from Mother. A child first calls his or her Mother. The languages of the children may be different but the ultimate cosmic sound relates to Mother. Swami Vivekananda in his Chicago address said that Hinduism is the Mother of all religions. It is eternal. It is without beginning and end. It has taught the world universal tolerance and acceptance. It had given shelter to many religions. All religions are sisters of my Mother, i.e. Hinduism. I respect all religions. I believe that the essence and fundamental of all religions is service and love of all religions. It is wrong and against the Will of God to be fanatic and to spread one religion by force and/or by other means and/or by terrorism. All humans must rise up to condemn this action and stop these brutal acts of violence in the name of the Creator.

  7. If there is only one truth, how can we find that truth amongst the divided religions?

    People have been in the grip of greed. The essence of all religions is service and love. But driven by greed, ego, attachment to possession and wealth, people fight and kill in the name of religion. Cosmic energy is one. Through spirituality and humanity right from childhood in schools and homes, truth of love and service can be imbibed, rather ignited. Let us march with the Flag of Humanity; of service, love, righteousness, harmony, peace brotherhood, and sisterhood.

  8.  While listening to the speeches of other religious leaders, was there any part that you thought was logical and persuasive?

    We do not find preachers like Paramhansa Sri RamaKrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Sri Sri Yogananda, Saint Kabir or lord- teachers like Lord Budha, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Mahabir, and Saint Guru Nanak. It is essential that the essence of all religions is promoted so that people do have in perspective the views of all religions. People must respect and love all religions and love and serve humanity and God’s creation.

Hinduism teaches to pray every moment:


May All become Happy.

May All be Free from Illness.

May all see what is Auspicious.

May no one suffer.

Om. Peace, Peace, Peace.

Om. Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaḥ

Sarve Santu Nir – Aamayaāḥ

Sarve Bhadraānṇi Paśhyantu

Māa Kashcid – Duḥkha – Bhāag – Bhavet

Oṁ Shāntiḥ, Shāntiḥ, Shāntiḥ

I quote Prof. Augus Deaton, noble prize winner in Economics 2015, “Economics is not always about money. At its best, it is about welfare.

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