September , 2020
Content Marketing on Social Media, Storytelling & Its Impact for Brands
11:39 am

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The guest of the 12th episode of TuriyaTalks, Season 5 was Mr. Sascha Gottschalk, the CEO of FMD Productions and Mr. Thomas Alex Norman, a Filming Teacher & YouTuber, accompanied by the host Sandhya Sutodia of Turiya Communications. The session was held on the topic ‘Content Marketing on Social Media, Storytelling & Its Impact for Brands’.

Mr. Thomas Alex Norman is a travel vlogger as well as a YouTuber. Mr. Sascha Gottschalk is a producer and an expert in film-making. He has a passion for bodybuilding as well as travelling and has travelled to more than 60 countries. They met each other two and a half years ago when Mr. Sascha invited Mr.Thomas for a sightseeing excursion to Uganda. Later, they worked together on several successful projects which received international fame.

Sascha has visited India for four times in the past and also helped several tourists as their guide. He shared the reminiscence of his childhood when was introduced to the Indian culture by one of his classmates, creating a feeling of inquisitiveness. After getting an opportunity to visit India in 2010, he became infatuated with the country and its culture. Later, he revisited India three times and also conducted his marriage ceremony in India.

Mr. Thomas advised the film-makers to utilise this isolation at home to hone their skills so when the next opportunity strikes, one might be able to utilise those skills to create better content compared to their previous work. He also shared suggestions for content creating, especially cinematic vlogging. Mr. Sascha shared the difficulties one need to face to create unique content for the audience.

“Capturing the best moment at the right time is the most important thing” Mr. Thomas affirmed while expressing his reason for using a separate compact camera instead of the smartphone camera. He uses his smartphone camera only for those moments when there is a memorable scene that needs to be captured but his digital camera is absent.

The session concluded with some suggestions for new content creators, especially for aspiring YouTubers. Mr. Thomas and Mr. Sascha recommended to select a particular niche based on their passion and being consistent in uploading videos with quality content regularly.

Link for TuriyaTalks S5E12 :

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