December , 2020
Cooperative individual efforts for development
11:36 am

Rajesh Kumar Shukla

According to the classical economist Sir Robert Matthus, over population is the root causes of many problems like epidemic, natural calamity, man-made problems (war, robbery etc.). Today the whole world is facing problems, shortage of food, famine, epidemic, diseases, war invasions etc. The Coronavirus pandemic is another serious concern. Additionally, there have been growing instances of natural calamities like Amphan. Those countries whose population is high, situation is worst in spite of low populated countries.

People become miser ahead coronavirus. This pandemic situation is more danger for those countries who mainly depend on industry. But the agriculture-based countries situation is not so worst, because they can meet at least their food requirement.

In our West Bengal, we have to face double problem, coronavirus and Amphan.

The storm in West Bengal caused massive damage to standing crops, thousands of trees were uprooted and power and water supply were interrupted.

The West Bengal government estimated that 21,500 sq.km. of area has been affected. Millions of people left homeless.

According to the documents submitted by the state government, about 28.6 lakh homes have been damaged, with the loss of estimated at Rs. 286500 crore. Agricultural crops worth Rs. 15800 crore is estimated to have been destroyed. Coronavirus and Amphan are the most frightening of the country. Hence, West Bengal has suffered the most.

Due to the above situation, we will have to face these problems:


Food supply will increase at slower rate and so there will be shortage of food


This situation will reduce the per-capita income which will lead to poverty and mal-nutrition


Efficiency of labour force will fall rapidly. This brings down the standard of living low


Peace and security of life and prosperity will be disturbed


During this period, despite heavy investment no major change will be possible


This pandemic period causes loss of human resources. Labourers waste their maximum time in lockdown. This will generate poverty and also lead to a decline in the saving potentiality and capital formation


The continuous and steep price rise will be added to the miseries of the poor. The person in a lower-income group will find it difficult to get their minimum needs

Whenever such problems occur, the government and NGOs help but these are so many individuals which go ahead and help their potential. They are helping individuals, families and groups of people to cope with problems.

I know one such person who is not a big businessman, not an M.P. or M.L.A. He is just a teacher (Cossimbazar Polytechnic Institute), Mr. Kaushik Mukherjee. He helped the Amphan sufferers in Minakhan, North 24 Parganas. With the help of some of the teachers, he arranged clothes, books, pencils, copy, medicine for the affected village. There are many such people who are dedicated to the society, this should be brought in the limelight as that would help to inculcate the right spirit among the people.

Now, we should also slowly ready to face economic pandemic. So, today, we must be generous, cooperative and kind for the benefit of our society, state, country and humanity.

In coming days, we have to face economic pandemic which will be challenging for humanity and social structure of the society.

We can take such problems of the number of social people like Kaushik Mukherjee will be more known to the society.



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