April , 2020
Corona relief measures by Kanoria Foundation under banner of Shristi Infrastructure/Srei Foundation/Acid Survivors and Women Welfare Foundation
12:07 pm

B.E. Bureau

This pandemic induced lockdown situation has been hard on India’s unorganised sector. Daily wage earners have been the worst hit. Corporate houses have been forthcoming with help. Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation has been arranging for rice, flour, salt, sugar, pulses, potatoes, onions, and cooking oil for people who were in need of aid including security guards, labourers and their families at the site of the company’s ongoing Mumbai project. It has also stood by various marginalised families in the villages of Noonmati and

Choonsali near its ongoing project in Guwahati.


The company has also extended help in the Asansol area where it has a prominent project. People from the villages of Kumarpur, Palasdiha, Churchuria, Pangachiya, Nuni and Kusum Danga – near Asansol – have benefited. The company could successfully involve the residents of Shristinagar, Asansol in this endeavour.


Shristi along with Ramakrishna Mission (RKM) Asansol also conducted relief work for distressed people in the

Aradanga-Jordanga village in Kalla, Asansol and 253 food packets were distributed. Additionally, 150 bags of food ingredients were distributed at Tirat, Asansol in the presence of Tapas Banerjee, MLA, Asansol Dakshin and Maharaj of RKM, Asansol. Each packet included four kgs of rice, two kgs of potatoes, 500 gms of dal, half litre cooking oil, five biscuit packets, and one bar of soap. Shristi and RKM Asansol also conducted relief work for distressed people in Porida, Asansol and distributed 125 food packets. They also reached out to distressed people in the Mithani village near Newtown, Asansol. They distributed 131 food packets in that village.


The company also distributed around 100 food packets in the Subhaspally locality near Burnpur. Additionally, the company reached out to various less fortunate localities in and around Durgapur. In Siliguri, the company helped various underprivileged people who were stuck in the Kanchenjunga Integrated Park by providing them with relief.


In the second phase of the ‘Feeding Chennai’ project – organised by Acid Survivors and Women Welfare Foundation (ASWWF), Siragu and Bags of Happiness – hygiene kits (sanitary pads and bathing soap) and food packets (rice, dal, cooking oil and potatoes) were distributed to 5000 daily wage workers living in the slums opposite Chennai’s Central Railway Station. The organisers are planning to launch the third phase of the project – to be carried out over the next few weeks – and targeting another 5000 people. The project has been assisted by the Chennai Police Corporation.


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