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Creating a Better World through Corporate Governance
15:33 pm

C.L. Gulati

On an invitation as a Chief Guest, His Holiness Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj along with Pujya Mata Savinder Ji left New Delhi, on September 18, 2007, for the U.K. to inaugurate the 8th International Conference on Corporate Governance. The Conference was organized on September 20-21, 2007 by the World Council for Corporate Governance, London, and discussed the vital issue of creating a better world through corporate governance. Rev. H.S. Upashak Ji, General Secretary, Sant Nirankari Mandal, U.K. also accompanied Baba Ji.

The first day’s programme was organized at UKTI Conference Hall, 1, Victoria Street, Westminster, London, and attended by distinguished Founders, Chairmen, Executive and Managing Directors of Corporates as well as many other eminent dignitaries from U.K., U.S.A., Australia, Canada, Germany, Turkey, France, China and India. His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and Pujya Mata Savinder Ji were accorded a warm welcome upon their arrival at the venue. Baba Ji graced the dais along with Mr. Ola Ullston, former Prime Minister of Sweden, Baroness Flather, Member of the House of Lords, U.K., and Dr. Madhav Mehra, President World Council for Corporate Governance.

In his address, while inaugurating the Conference, Baba Ji stated:

“It seems materialism and spiritualism have little in common but the common factor in both the fields is human beings.” Wherever man works, whether as a part of an organization or corporation, man is a human being first and that is very important; he is neither a machine nor a dead and still item. He is a human being who has a soul, feelings, desires, aims and many other social obligations which he has to fulfil. A better world cannot be created only by materialistic achievements. A better world can be created when human beings become better; when the thoughts, feelings, intentions, the integrity and the legacy left by man become better.

Whether a Director, a Manager or a simple employee, all must remember that they are humans and members of one human family. As a Director it is important to ensure stability, integrity, transparency and productivity in the organization and as a member of human family it is important to imbibe the values of love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and clean life based on principles which form the foundation of a good human being, which shape one’s character and reflect in one’s actions. It is important that these good principles flow naturally into man’s professional life and judgements. In the corporate world such feelings may appear as weakness since it is a world of competition and cut-throatism. But such values when filtered to the grassroots, evoke feelings of loyalty, unity and help to align all the interests within an organization. In such an environment, selfishness, greed and ego will give way to selflessness and care for the company, its property as well as its people.

A natural system of hierarchy exists in the world. A son will one day grow up to be a father and the daughter a mother. One’s position in the chain of command is not as important as how one executes that position. The stone at the pinnacle of a pyramid is there not because of its sole achievement but because it rests upon the strength and unity of every stone and layer below it. A group of astronauts who go up in space can do so because there is a huge team, managing, helping and supporting them upon the earth. So it is the right intention in the right earnest which is required in every collective effort.

Profits and bottom lines are not the only concern a corporation has; the spirit of healthy competition is also very important. It is easier to take shortcuts through corporate espionage and stealing. But is it right? What bearing does such an education or working ethos have on society in general? The society in which we live is made up of the same people who work in its companies. There is no end to man’s greed and want. As has been said, Eyes are bigger than the stomach.’ There is no end as well as fulfilment in greed. All have to make an active participation in the right earnest to fulfil their responsibility towards the society, nation, the corporation or company they belong to. Then who needs to change in order to make this world a better place to live in—the world or the people inhabiting it? If the people’s attitudes change, then the world will automatically follow suit. This is true progress in the humanitarian sense. And the true progress in Corporate Governance will happen when processes such as diligence, training and anti-corruption form its core to ensure a clean outward projection.

So what is the better world we are seeking? I believe the positive difference that an average man wants is a more just and socially responsible world for everyone. A better world would be a world of peace and not pieces. Man is breaking this world into pieces. Religion must not divide the men and women of this world. Instead, it should be followed to express its full untamed unifying force. The motto of Nirankari Mission is: “Religion unites, it does not divide.’ Religion has to be a uniting force, bringing people together. All the prophets told man that there is One God, called by different names, and all men should live harmoniously as the members of one family which belongs to one common Universal Father.

We have gathered here today not only to bring about the much needed change in the corporate world through the medium of corporate governance but also because the conscious global corporate citizens want to give something back and help the others in the world, society and mankind. It is very heartening to note that certain philanthropic activities are being carried out for this purpose so that a major part of one’s resources can be given back to the society and mankind. This is how this world can be made a better place. People should have at least the basics required for existence in human form. Out of all the agendas and priorities, this human angle is not to be left out. Corporate agendas and time constraints do not allow companies to physically feed the sick and hungry. But through philanthropy they can make a difference by providing much needed financial support to the organizations who are carrying out these and many other activities.

It is for the first time I am experiencing such an event at this international level and once again I express my happiness of being a part of you over here today this morning, I wish all the best for the success of this Conference and thank the organizers who are working hard so that a better world can be created, all nations live in harmony and there is no strife. The legacies we must leave and the examples we must become is more important than gaining prominence with growth. Resources are there but they have to be channelized so that all men may benefit and the vast gap between the haves and the have-nots diminishes, so that a world, free of terrorism, poverty, where people do not fight in the name of religion but live in unity despite the diversity, is created.

The views of Baba Ji were highly appreciated in the Conference; it appeared as if along with making monetary profit, the Corporate Governance would hereafter also think of and make efforts to remain aware as well as active towards its responsibility towards humanity; so that a better world can be created. The message of Baba Ji which stressed that the Corporate Sector would be able to make a better economic progress as well as fulfil its duty towards humanity by upholding and respecting the human rights of workers, was very well received by the audience.

The second day’s session which was organized at Regents Cottage Conference Centre in Regents Park, London, again included many eminent dignitaries from various countries who expressed their views on the subject. Some of the speakers who spoke on the second day were Lord Karan Bilmoria, Prof. William Halal from Washington University, Richard Sender and Major J.D. Sharma from India. Many dignitaries requested Baba Ji to bless their countries with his visit in future. The Conference Hall became suffused with spiritual fragrance when Miss Nina Gill, Member European Parliament began her address with ‘Dhan Nirankar’. Formless god be praised.

N.B. – America based organisation, “We care for Humanity”, recognised Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj as “2017 Supreme Spiritual Icon of the Year at U.N. on 20-10-2017 aiming to honour the Greatest Humanitarians of the world with G.O.D. Awards.

Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, the present Spiritual Head of Sant Nirankari Mission, says, “The world needs to be united as a family, tolerating, accepting and loving each other, keeping in mind the watchword, “God-fi-dence, having complete faith and confidence in God, proving our image of God.” 

-The author is the President, Sant Nirankari Mandal, Delhi

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