January , 2019
Dynavision providing affordable I&C solutions
15:35 pm

B.E. Bureau

Dynavision Technologies is a Kolkata based information and communication solutions company offering a host of products. Amit Sharma, Founder and Managing Director, Dynavision Group spoke to BE’s Kuntala Sarkar.

Q. What are the technology solutions offered by your company?

A. Dynavision is a certified partner of Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and is the certified partner of Tally Solutions. Additionally, we are distributers of the Super Receptionist IVRS System Software of Knowlarity. We also provide solutions for bulk SMSs and emails. I must add that we are well-placed to deliver diverse technological solutions, based on the requirements of our clients.

Q. How do your software solutions help established businesses and emerging entrepreneurs?

A. The Indian market is very different and the business policies change very fast. One of the biggest advantages Tally has is the understanding of the regulatory environment in India and the fact that they update their products with great frequency only adds to their benefits. With comprehensive functions around accounting principles, inventory and data integrity all taken care of by Tally, the companies can henceforth release their true and full potential to their core sectors. I must state that Tally is an important part of our solutions basket.

Q. How much do these software cost?

A. We are dealing with more than 20 types of software and solutions for various industry segments. We are providing the price range of Tally.ERP 9 for its default version. The other software and solutions are as per the need and requirement based on the business process of the customer and the pricing depends on that. The silver version of Tally.ERP 9 costs Rs.  21240 including GST and the gold version of Tally.ERP 9 costs Rs. 63720 including GST and Tally. Server 9 –The Enterprise Class Product costs Rs. 324000 including GST.

Q. What is your research base?

A. We have been in the IT industry for more than two decades and have been providing services to various segments and SMEs, large enterprises, government agencies and private institutions. In this journey, we have engaged with more than 25,000 customers. We try to design our research in a way that reflects the market sentiments.

Q. Please mention any new products that we can expect from your company in the near future?

A. We are focusing on Tally.ERP 9. Tally 18 which is the latest version of Tally.ERP9 Release 7 has now been named Tally 18. This latest product (Tally18) will bring a major shift on the working and look of Tally. After entering the GST regime, Tally empowered the business enterprises to stay ahead with GST implementation and in the process of filings returns. It incorporates an intuitive navigation mechanism, swiftly handles simple and advanced transactions. Tally18 is moving fast towards a connected world with the aim of touching more businesses by making complexities simpler.

Q. How is your client base distributed?

A. Dynavision has successfully catered to diverse business entities that spans across manufacturing, trading and services. Over the years, Dynavision has increased its clientele to more than 17000. The successful implementation of GST in India depends on the success of Tally software as most of the SMEs and MSMEs are in dire need of it for their accounting and compliance needs. Tata Steel, Berger Paints, Godrej, Vodafone, Allen Solly, Raymond, Big Bazar, Patanjali, Emami Frank Ross and Dhwanantory are some of our esteemed clients.


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