July , 2019
Eco-tourism and organic farming are priorities of young Sikkimese leaders
18:16 pm

B.E. Bureau

Jacob Khaling has been newly elected as the political advisor to the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Prem Singh Tamang (Golay). He is one of the main founders of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha which has formed the government in the state. He has been instrumental in taking his party to great heights. He is also the General Secretary of the SKM party.  He is a young, dynamic, and a highly enthusiastic youth personality. He knows about the ongoing issues of Sikkim and has a keen desire to address them. He has made it clear that he wants to solve the unemployment problem in the state and has identified the eco-tourism sector as having the potential to create employment in the state. He wants the youth to adopt village and eco-tourism activities such as homestay tourism, agro-organic tourism, and promotion of cultural tourism.


Jacob Khaling
Political Advisor to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim.


Amongst the list of the newly elected legislators, is Sanjeet Kharel, MLA from Namthang Rateypani constituency in south Sikkim. Kharel envisions adopting new tourism policies and practices in his constituency to promote village and eco-tourism. Tourism is the most sustainable industry in the state and can provide large scale self-employment to the Sikkimese masses. 


Sanjeet Kharel
Hon’ble Minister for Transport and Building & Housing Department



Bedu Singh Pant who won the assembly seats from Temi Namphing constituency is another icon of the SKM party. He has years of experience and is well-placed to bring in posi-tive changes in Sikkim. The entire tourism fraternity of the state has welcomed him as the new tourism minister. The mandate that has gone in favour of the SKM requires him to succeed as the tourism minister as the sector is a key sector for the economy of this small Himalayan state.


Bedu Singh Pant

Hon’ble Minister for Tourism & Civil Aviation and Commerce & Industries Department



Another legislator, Bishnu Sharma, MLA from Rhenock constituency who is a senior member of the SKM party and has a vision to transform his constituency into an agro-organic region with tourism linkage. Sikkim has earned fame as the first organic
state in the country. His constituency has cultivable lands and prospects to grow organic
fruits and vegetables which are aided by a favourable climate. He wants to bring
socio-economic developments in his constituency by means of adopting organic practices. Rhenock has remained as one of the most neglected and discarded constituency in the entire state and Sharma’s focus may now change its fortune. 


Bishnu Sharma
Hon’ble MLA, Rhenock Constituency-cum-Chairman, Sikkim State Cooperative Supply and Marketing Federation Ltd.

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