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Engage in good thought, speech and action
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Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria, Chairman Srei Foundation & The World Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality answering the questions of the Script for the 14th Warp Dialogue of online Scripture Meeting held on 07.02.2017 by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) Chairman Mr. Hee Lee, Seoul, South Korea

Q. Should the scripture be able to identify the root cause of good and evil?

A. Human being is manifested by God in his own image. He says, ‘I am alone, let there be many.’ Fundamentally human being is divine and he is so perfect. God has also manifested good and evil. Illusion leads to evil. It leads to imperfection. God tests us. We all have to pass through the illusion that causes evil and imperfection. We have to overcome these evils through our intellect i.e. reasoning through our conscience. There is a constant war between good and evil. Good becomes victim of evil easily. It is difficult to be on path of goodness. People choose evil like violence, greed, fulfillment of sensuous desires, violence against women, religious fanatism, own supremacy over God, feeling of himself as God, possession of others wealth as his own. As per Hinduism, when evil over rules and good people suffer, God incarnates as a human being to finish all evil minded people indulging in evil activities. Hindu epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata have the story of God’s incarnations. In the war between good and bad people, good people won the war with the leadership of God to establish righteousness and goodness. God protects good people.

Every man and woman have to bear the fruits of their action. It is a theory of science, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  As you sow, so you reap. This is the law of nature. Reaction of every action accumulates. Reaction of this life is carried over to the next life (birth). Good action (Karma) has a good reaction. Bad action (Karma) has a bad reaction. After finishing accumulated reaction (Karma)of previous life, one can enjoy the reaction of his present good action. Present good action builds the future good life. Such persons are born of good families with good health and engage in service and love to humanity. He promotes peace and harmony.

Q. Is a scripture acceptable even if it doesn’t provide a solution to the problem of evil?

A. Scriptures have provided solution to be away from evil. Human being is divine. He is sharer of immortal bliss. He has to listen to the inner voice of his soul. He has to practise austerity i.e. self-control. He has to supervise and regulate the sense organs which naturally flow to the gratification of sensual desires. The respective sense organs take the mind away violently. It has to be pulled back by intellect. So, exercise the intellect to control and regulate the senses. One has to strengthen the mind. One must not allow the mind to split him. Action must be done for good of the community and humanity. Strengthen the mind by diverting the mind by focusing the mind on God. Remember and feel the presence of God every moment. Engage in good thoughts, speech and action. He should always think that he is not the doer. God is the doer for good. He is just an instrument in the hands of God. Study the scriptures daily. Assimilate and then practice the learning in consciousness, sub consciousness and super consciousness. Always think of God and serving and loving the children of God.

Lord Krishna (God incarnated) said to his disciples in the battlefield of war between evil minded people and good people. God was on the side of good people. The best way to resolve the problem of evil is surrender to God, love Him spontaneously without asking for anything in return. See divinity in Nature – sun rising and sun set, flowers blossoming, streams flowing and so on.

“Fix mind on me, be devoted to me and bow down to me. Thus uniting yourself with me and seating me, as the Supreme goal and soul refuge, you shall certainly realize me (or come to me)”. Bhagvat Gita 9.34, a great scripture of Hinduism. People called Gita as “Mother Gita”. It has condensed knowledge of all scriptures of Hinduism.



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