August , 2020
15:58 pm

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The fourth episode of Turiya Talks  Season 4 ‘Voice Your Notion’ was joined by Ms. Stephanie Timmins, who is a social media influencer and blogger, and Dipshita Chaudhury on the topic “A Journey Untold”.

Stephanie started her journey in 2013 with her fashion and lifestyle blog the 'Fiesty Fox Diaries', to share her personal style and unique take on fashion with the world. Her main source inspiration were few famous international bloggers like Blonde Salad, Song of Style, Gary Perry Girl.

She talked about her experience with barter collaborations, brand campaigns, concept of blogging and monetization, how to earn from social media posts and from hosting events.
She collaborated with international and Indian brands like  Nike, Diesel, Loreal, Maybelline, Lakme, Ponds, Sunsilk, Panteen, and many more. This helped her turn her hobby into a proper career.
The name 'Fiesty Fox Diaries' reflects Stephanie's bold, edgy and colorful sense of style.

It is very difficult for social media influencers and bloggers to create content during the quarantine because of less resources and they are not able to shoot outside.
Stephanie had to come with creative and out of the box ideas for creating content for her followers during this lockdown, also had to be self dependent in case of shooting and editing videos. She talked about the importance of sustainable fashion. During the lockdown as she was unable to shop she had to create different looks by pairing and reusing whatever she had in her wardrobe differently. She added "It(sustainable fashion) made me less wasteful in this day and age, less wasteful in terms of environment, in terms of spending money and it also hold my creativity,"

The influncers had a great responsibility of making content that won't hurt anyone's sentiment during this Pandemic, at the same time would entertain their followers.

Social media has transformed alot. It is no more a place for just entertaining. The influencers have a huge fan following who seek reviews and opinions from these influencers before purchasing anything. Thus reviews and opinions of these influencers have become extremely powerful and that's why they are approached by brands for collaborating with them.

Link for TuriyaTalks S4E4 :


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