December , 2019
Ethics Springs from Divinity
15:05 pm

Dr. H. P. Kanoria

We are divine and perfect. Values and ethics spring from divinity. Divinity and spirituality encompass values, ethics, fearlessness, courage, selflessness, spirit of cooperation, self-control, non-violence, truthfulness, humility, humbleness, perseverance, endurance, integrity, calmness, patient hearing, modesty, hard work, entreprise, austerity, contentment, simplicity, enthusiasm, loving, empathy, sympathy, forgiveness, courteousness, and team work. All these factors need to be integrated with the leaders, management, team and all the personnel, stakeholders, and clients.

Spirituality is the essence of life. It awakens the inner power. It develops the body, mind, and soul. It ignites the spirit with strength and joy. It infuses the eternal law of hard work without expectation of fruits. It gives insight, perception and intuition in complexity of life in context with the material world.

Business and enterprise have to face storms and at times, tsunamis, which are internal and external factors, which create conflict. It is important how to come out successfully from the conflicts and tsunamis of enterprise, national and global competition. Values and ethics give strength to face the same with firmness and humbleness. Failures become the stepping stones to success.

Former President Late Prof. (Dr.) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had said, “I firmly believe that unless one has tasted the bitter pill of failure, one cannot aspire enough for success. He said that I have seen both sides of the coin. I have learnt life’s toughest lesson when I have been in the pit of despair that failure brought to me.”

To the men of ethics and values, the soul helps to dive into the ocean of success. Hard work with concentration is required to control life, make it simple and modern. Integrity is essential. Focus the mind and feel the power of God within you.

Analyse your failure, its causes, and benefit from the experience.

In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never give up. It is essential to have faith in self, in all, and in God.”

Swami Vivekananda said, “Every human being has infinite power. Manifest spirituality within you.”

Steve Jobs (developer of Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder of Facebook) had spiritual awakening in India. They developed their intuition and were successful.

Enthusiasm is the mother of effort. Without it, nothing great was ever achieved. Risk taking after full analysis is essential for the growth of an enterprise. Self-control is the foundation of all virtues. One needs to conquer oneself, instead of others.

Enviousness and jealousy are like acid that burn you from within. Tolerance and forgiveness is essential to win the confidence of all.

God conspires with those who work for the welfare of all, creating and generating wealth for the welfare of creation. Lord Krishna had conspired with Arjuna breaking His own promises.

Swami Vivekananda said, “Love reflects love. Life is a joyous journey. Love and service is all that matters to worship Him.”

I present before you a few lines from my work, Universal Prayer, “Life is a joyous journey, Love and service that matter, all worship to Thee. What we sow, we must reap, no one but us to blame.”

Fearless we are marching ahead to make Bharat World. We surrender our will at the altar of thy will. Work, work for the Nation and the world.

Walk the divine path for greater wisdom and divine glory based on the Holy Vedas. God escorts. He is a constant companion to those who are inspired to work hard. On them does he constantly shower the joy of His blessings.  Engage in noble and beneficial work.

Let us work with devotion for the glory of the Motherland. Let us work hard for our countrymen speaking different dialects. Let us give due respect to the faith and aspirations of the people. Let us sacrifice our lives for the protection of Motherland. Let us work hard with devotion and righteousness. Let us create and generate wealth for prosperity and happiness of all.

Lord Krishna advised His disciple Arjuna to work hard with devotion for the welfare of creation. Do not look for the fruits of action. Be free from the bondage of duality. Even during activity in the material world, all action must be done in service of humanity. Engage in activities, imbibing His consciousness. With control of mind and senses, work with devotion in consciousness of soul and Krishna. Realise that you are not doing anything at all. You are being an instrument of God. Perform duties without attachment and expectation of fruits while surrendering to God.

Awake and arise O Divine people! The Lord defends only those who work hard righteously and those who work for the benevolent cause. Become brave and strong. God helps them to conquer their adversaries.

Be self-sufficient, O Man!

Be not slave to any outside help.

Listen to such words that enable to conquer inner foes.

Be so illustrious that all approach you for guidance.

Be self sufficient to architect own destiny.

Realise the virtues of self-reliance and self-sacrifice.

Be inspired by the wisdom of seers which are true and effective.

Follow their instructions with full faith.

Along with leaders of Nation resolve to keep a strict vigil over the safety of our motherland.

Acquire happiness through the joy of worship - devotion.

And the cultivation of virtuous qualities.

A true devotee is always soft in speech.

And considerate towards others.

Keep away from the evils of violent anger at all stages of life.

O God! Bless us with divine fragrance.

And purify our speech.

Bless us to speak sweetly.

So, a broad understanding and outlook toward life, a sense of belongingness with all the people in the world, being caring and committed, can bring integrity in social and private life.

To conclude, let us have tremendous faith in ourselves. We have infinite power, unbounded wisdom, and indomitable energy. We have to rouse power in ourselves by positive thought and positive prayers. We will have success after success.

May God bless us and give courage and endurance.


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