January , 2023
The First Royal Maharlika Summit Emerged Triumphantly in the Philippines
01:10 am

B.E. Bureau

An event of immense international proportions was held in Manila on December 12, 2022, by We Care
for Humanity Global, a non-profit organization based in United States, in collaboration with
the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA),
the Royal Maharlika Summit & Awards and the Royal Enthronement was a huge success! The 2022
summit includes the Royal Enthronement, Maharlika Business Forum and Royal Maharlika Awards.
Royalty and politicians from all over the world converged in Manila for this prestigious event held at the
cultural oasis of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza overlooking the Manila Bay. DOT Undersecretary Myra Paz
Valderrosa-Abubakar opens the festivity with a welcoming speech, “the Royal Maharlika Summit comes
at the most auspicious time, as we herald to the world that the Philippines is back in business and that
our country is ready to receive tourists and investments. Our message is simple, the Philippines is a good
place to invest, an opportunity to rip the benefits of a vibrant economy.”
Ascended the thrones from the Royal House of Maguindanao were Her Royal Highness Sultana Mariam
Amor Torres Mastura a.k.a. The Traveling Princess   or best known as just “Maria Amor”, chairman of the
Greatest Humanitarians of the World, and another Princess from the Mastura clan. The enthronement
was solemnized by His Majesty Sultan Colonel Nasser Pendatun Sr., the Paramount Sultan of the
Sultanate of Talik who sanctified the two Paramount Sultanas of Maharlika and the two Rajanatas of
Prior this ceremony, Maria Amor has been crowned as Princess of Baloi; Sultana Bae A Gaus of
Minsupala; Adopted daughter of the 16 royal houses of Ranao; Bae Insalilay and Bae Naylaladladad by
the Tribal Government of the Philippines and Higaonan Tribe; Amazon Princess of the Kingdom of
Dahomey, Benin; Princess of Jambi Kingdom Indonesia, and Ambassador of the Kings Forum of Uganda.
Sultana Maria Amor is truly an international royalty!
Among the luminaries honored that evening were Dr. Abdallah Sharif (Austria), Dr. Udit Raj (India), Dr.
Rahul Varma (India), Hon.Kennedy Musyoka (Kenya), H.E. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (Kenya), Ms.
Rebecca Padilla (Philippines), Commissioner Yusoph Mando (Philippines), Ms. Rosemarie Basa
(Philippines), Datu Danny Mangahas (Philippines), Hon. Judge Mihai Nedelcu (Romania), Mr. Juliean
Hornet (Romania), Mr. Sean Bardoo (USA) and Atty. Jeffrey Jackson (USA). A royal induction of Cabinet
Members was also performed and officiated the following exceptional
individuals: Commissioner Yusoph Mando, Datu Danny Mangahas, Comm. Albert Dela, Col. Abdulsalam
Donald Hongitan, Atty. Jordan Bowen, Mr. Hoa Lam- Datu, Abraham Abdullah, Heria Singon,
Colleen Elizabeth Zamora, Princess Narvaisa Victoria Pendatun, Sittie Hafiza Maria Eden Zamora, Sittie
Nhoor Honggitan, Shariffa Mastura, Nanielyn E Tagala and Huong Vo.
Presenters from worldwide consisted of Alvin Pelobello for IPs Village; Udelix Gas & Oil, Ms.
Rosemarie Basa for Housing Projects in the Philippines; Dr. Abdallah Sharif for Acexa Cluster and UN
organization cooperation; Mr. Juliean Hornet for eHornet renewable energy; Atty. Jeffrey Jackson for
immigration and job opportunities in USA; His Majesty King Constantine Mwogezi for business
exchange, Hon. Udit Raj for Global Business Forum, Daria Aleksandra Pazura for trading opportunity on
skincare; Rebecca Padilla for Vanilla dream project.
The summit ended with a vow from its founder that she will extend the mission and vision of the Royal
Maharlika to the world not just in the Philippines.

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