May , 2010
17:32 pm

B.E. Bureau

Never think that how much you are doing for God. Think how much God is doing for you. He has given the body to serve yourself and others, a mind to think about Him and His wonders, and a heart to love all and Him as Father, Maker and sole Benefactor.

Be cheerful. Make others cheerful. Have self-standard. Do things with poise and calmness. Have positive thoughts and attitude. Higher aspiration makes us move swiftly and thoughtfully. Never be agitated or careless. Help those who have lost their balance.

Pray –

O Mother ! Still the turbulence in my heart. Mother !
I lose all courage when Thou turn
Thy face from me, Thy child.

Be not displeased with me Mother.

Mother is always pleased with Her child.

I have trust in Thy love Mother. Mother never deny
Thy loving care to Thy child.