March , 2019
Globsyn organises seminar on corporate ethics
14:24 pm

Kuntala Sarkar

Globsyn Business School recently organised its 3rd Vision Seminar on ‘Corporate Ethics and Responsible Leadership’. Attention to ethics in the workplace prepares business leaders to confront workplace situations better. The previous two seminars were organised on ‘spirituality in management studies’ and ‘women empowerment’ respectively.

The Kolkata-based business school offers a plethora of management courses. The chief guest for the event organised by Globsyn Business School was Dr. H.P. Kanoria, Chairman and Managing Trustee, Kanoria Foundation. Bikram Dasgupta, Chairman, Globsyn Group delivered the welcome address. Abraham G. Stephanos, MD, TATA Steel Processing and Distribution Ltd. was the Guest of Honour and Rohit Srivastava presented the vote of thanks. 

The inaugural session was followed by three academic sessions that revolved around the themes ‘can business be ethical yet retain values’, ‘do ethics and leadership stand as a dichotomy’ and ‘is it possible to practise ethics in 21st century business’, respectively.

Professor Sanjay Mukherjee, IIM Shillong, Professor Bidyut Sarkar, an eminent business consultant, and Rahul Dasgupta, Trustee, Globsyn Knowledge Foundation, were present as speakers and Professor Mary C. Gentile, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, U.S.A., presented a recorded video message in the first academic session. In the second session, the speakers were Dr. Ajay Ray, IIT, Kharagpur, Basab Dasgupta, CEO, 3rd Life and Professor Antonio Argandona, IESE Business School, University of Navarra; Barcelona,

Spain who participated through a recorded video message.

In the third session, the speakers were Sandipan Chakroborty, Chairman, TATA Maritime Logistics Ltd., Professor Nisigandha Bhuyan, IIM, Calcutta and Professor Lewis W. (Jody) Fry, Texas A&M University, Killen, Texas, U.S.A. presented a recorded video message.

In his speech, Dr. HP Kanoria said, “Values and ethics spring from divinity. Divinity and spirituality imbibe values, ethics, fearlessness, courage, selflessness, spirit of cooperation, spirit of helping, self-control, non-violence, truthfulness, an egoless nature, humbleness, perseverance, endurance, integrity, calmness, patient hearing, modesty, freedom from greed, hard work, austerity, contentment, simplicity, enthusiasm, love, empathy, sympathy, forgiveness, enterprising, courteous, caring, and team work. All these factors need to be accounted for by the leaders, the management, the team, the stakeholders and the customers.” Later, speaking on qualities of a good entrepreneur, Dr. Kanoria said, “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort. Without it nothing great was ever achieved. Risk-taking after full analysis is essential for the growth of an enterprise. Self-control is the foundation of all virtues. One needs to conquer oneself, instead of others.” He also launched the latest edition of the institute’s latest management journal.

Bikram Dasgupta while addressing the audience advocated adding values to curriculum beyond education to build up better entrepreneurship. He stated that his organisation promotes the same and said, “For this we have different platforms, namely, a flagship programme named Serendipity, alumni engagement, management conferences, management lectures, and most importantly management journals, which are distributed to management institutions and corporates.”


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