June , 2021
God Calls, O Leaders!
11:52 am

Dr. H. P. Kanoria



O Leaders! Realise that the people have elected you.


Be just and merciful, be just and firm.


Be strong, fair, wise, honest and spiritual.


Like a lion drive away all evil forces by being strengthened by people.


Keep your critics close to you, alone and lonely.


Listen to them without annoyance.


They can tell you your flaws.




Meet people from different walks of life to know the reality & problems.


Meet wealth creators, small to big.


Apply mind and insight for analytical solutions.


Be formidable and firm with subconscious decisions.


Be not egoistic, be humble, and have humility.


Follow the path of duty.




Be trustee of wealth and nature of the nation.


Engage the people in hard work with honesty and righteousness.


Do not give dole/freebies.


Be not engaged in populist measures squandering the wealth of the nation.


Be not engaged in building monuments, statutes, new fabulous workplaces and homes.


Be not engaged in pompous public meetings.


Provide shelters, food, clothes at affordable prices.




Do not tax the people heavily.


Do not create an army of idle people.


Trust the children of the nation and help them to create wealth.


Never instigate for conflicts based on caste, religion, low and high, rich and poor.


Never create conflict among minority and majority.


Promote unity in diversity.




Protect wealth creators, warriors, artisans and all who build the nation.


Protect women, children and senior citizens.


Educate people intellectually, technically and morally.  


Live like a saint, not only appear like a saint.


Work hard, be fearless, be spiritual and believe in basic spirit of all religions.


Have uniform laws for all the people.


While being on the spiritual path promote spirituality and unity in diversity.


-Based on Holy Vedas/Scriptures



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