December , 2021
God is One, Know Him as One
15:40 pm

C.L. Gulati

"Is there a God or not? If there is, give some evidence for its existence." Admittedly this question dilated upon here, there and everywhere, is not only a difficult question, but strange also because this is asking about something in which millions of people rest their belief and normally, inability is expressed to prove or disprove scientifically the existence of God. Watching the ways of the world, everyone deplores the animosities that have plagued the society at large merely on the basis of differences in religious labels.

The question shares genuine concern for all human beings. The apostles laboured hard, the martyrs died in torments, the scholars and scientists proclaimed the beauties of higher life, sociologists untiringly inculcated the sense of duties of good citizenship, the philosophers pioneered sublime thoughts and all agreed that God is one and that man's first duty is to know Him as one. Witnessing the shocking crash of human values both vertically and horizontally, seeking evidence of God is not the question but answer to the multiple hydra-headed problems defying peace, purity and prosperity throughout the world.

One of the greatest modern psychologists, Sir Jung has described in his book, "Modern Man in search of soul" that among all his patients, there had not been even one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. Great thinker Augustine of Hippo writes, "Restless are our souls until they rest in Thee, My God." Life is incomplete without God. If a man loses faith in God, he loses faith in himself. It spells crisis in character resulting in chaos and violence all around.

Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji – Spiritual Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission says that oblivious of their spiritual identity, the people have raised suffocating walls inter-se. They do not go beyond their faith to mix up with each other freely. As a result, there is no mutual love. In the absence of love, there is no reciprocal respect. Lack of respect breeds distrust which ultimately culminates in hatred and violence, causing global turmoil and shocking crash in human values. To reverse the gear from hatred and violence to love and peace, it requires mutual trust between man and man. Trust presupposes mutual respect borne out of love. Natural love is possible when man treats and tolerates the other man like a brother. Coming to this point, universal brotherhood and emotional oneness of mankind is the utmost need of the day and that is possible to achieve spontaneously and simultaneously through the realization of Fatherhood of God.


As God is one and omnipresent, he is cosmic and common to all. All the prophets have one, God cannot be divided or subdivided. Only such a God is to be worshipped. According to the Old Testament, man is made in the image of God, superior to all species having inherent power to know God. The prophets rejected the deadwood of religious rites and put forth the concept of true worshipper. As a social being, man needs wisdom which is more valuable than material wealth, making one humble and lovable.

The eternal continuity of True Master (Prophets) with their revelation of one Formless God, the process of humanisation and rearrangement of human relations on the basis of love and humility characterise the mainstream of spirituality in the world. In this background, all the prophets and the acknowledged scriptures are part and parcel of the mainstream of spirituality. The centre of God is everywhere and circumference nowhere.


As the Divine Truth is eternal, so is the True Master (Satguru) to bless the seekers with Divine Knowledge. "The Prophet is said to be the oldest and the newest on the earth, like the day and night which have followed each other down the ages, and are still ever new." (Atharva Veda 10:8:23). Going by all the acknowledged scriptures, there is one and only one method for knowing God and that is through the grace of the living Satguru. It is the prerogative of the True Master, who with a combination of spoken words and a practical hint, pointedly introduces the seeker to the all-pervading God, "Braham Binde So Satgur Kahiye". As the sun rays are the proof of the rising sun, showing God at hand is the only test of the True Master. True Master and Divine Knowledge prove each other. In spite of hundreds of moons and thousands of suns shining in the sky, there will be stark darkness of ignorance without the True Master. There is no sin as great as living in ignorance and there is no sin greater than letting others live in ignorance. Darkness of ignorance is a curse and spiritual enlightenment cures every curse!

“The True Master also known as the Prophet is the manifestation of the Formless in human form. in this world for the benefaction of the entire humanity by preaching the concept of One God. None is as benevolent as the True Master, and there is no comparison to his wisdom.” – Sampurav Avtar Bani-67.


The anatomy of the body has been studied to the extent that man can withstand diseases and live a healthier life. Transforming adult cells back into stem cells that may regrow tissues in the damaged brain and heart is a break-throw discovery in the scientific field. The most important next aspect is the philosophy of life, as mentioned in the expressive words of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji, "No God, No Peace; Know God Know Peace". It is the impressive philosophy of life which is the real and actual subject matter of the Sant Nirankari Mission. As pronounced by the acknowledged scriptures and prophets down the ages, the Mission endorses and accomplishes the established age-old truth that knowing of Fatherhood of God is the primary aim of human life and its spontaneous and simultaneous by-product is the cherished achievement of human brotherhood, rehabilitating the human race through holy communion of man with God and harmonious understanding between man and man. "If peace-based progress is the need of the day, spiritual awakening through actual knowledge of God is the only means to achieve it," says Nirankari Babaji. He unfolds the concept of one earth, one family and demystifies spirituality to promote and celebrate unity in diversity. The rainbow vesture aptly symbolises this unity where all colours are distinctly visible but inseparable.


It is believed that a human being comprises five elements i.e. the earth, water, fire, air, akaash (ether) plus the sixth element – the soul. The first five material constituents form the body, while the sixth element is the individual unit of consciousness, Atma (Soul). For sustenance, the human body fulfils its material needs from the counterpart mainstreams of earth, water, fire, air etc., working outside the body. Whenever the link of any of the five elements is broken with its respective mainstream outside, its deficiency causes some sort of disease or disturbance in the body. However, the deficiency of one element cannot be made good by any other element. For example, the necessity of water cannot be met by earth, fire, air or ether; and the lack of air cannot be replenished with any other elements and so on.

Likewise, God, the omnipresent mainstream of individual units of consciousness (Soul, also known as Atma) exists around the human body. For spiritual health, the individual unit of consciousness (Atma) is supposed to remain in constant touch with omnipresent God. When this link is not maintained, there will be disturbance or depression in the mind. This mainstream of consciousness is easily and instantaneously sharable. The Sant Nirankari Mission demonstrates the objectivity of this feature which, in fact, is the Ultimate Reality of life and everything else. The living experience of this objective reality is quite indispensable for the fulfilment of human life. 

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