March , 2018
Healing the Ayurveda way
15:47 pm

Megha Bajaj

There are some places, where, as you enter – a part of you knows, you are going to go back there. You know it is not a one time experience, but a haven you want to indulge in on a regular basis. Such was my experience with Agni, the Healing Ayurveda Village, neatly tucked in the green pockets of Panvel, near Mumbai. There were many wow factors for me at the Healing village. The first, of course, was the distance. Usually to find this kind of verdant nature, this kind of Silence, one needs to travel many a mile. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my home in Mumbai to the healing centre. It was exactly a 1 Hour, 11 minute drive. I could get used to such short drives, to such heavenly spaces was my first thought.

The second wow factor for me were the people at the Healing Village. Especially, the staff that takes care of your food. The love, the care with which they served me made the already delicious food, even more palatable. I loved the varieties of food offered, and the simplicity with which they were cooked. I felt my body was saying thank you for giving it a rest from oily, filled with masala food.

The third wow factor, of course, was the space itself. There is something about agni that takes you to a bygone era. Although it is equipped with all modern day, luxurious amenities – the wooden floors, the large ceilings, the courtyards and the general feel of time standing still makes you feel that you have gone back several years.

Ayurveda invites you into its fold at Agni. Be it the wonderful massages, or the pure oils; be it the early morning yoga or the late evening meditation – everything seems to whisper, “Come, be the best version of yourself… come lighten up.”

I had gone there to celebrate my wedding anniversary – however, my husband Arun took ill. The kind of support and love the staff – be it the doctors, the cook or even the drivers extended was truly heart-warming.

All in all, the healing village is a must go to place.

Whether you are ill, or in great shape.

Stressed, or deeply relaxed.

It will take you a little deeper into yourself.

As I sat one of the evenings – looking out of my balcony, watching the azure swimming pool, sipping on my herbal tea (lovingly made with ginger, peppermint and cinnamon) I remember thinking to myself – that everyone should experience these Ayurveda pauses. They bring the body, mind and soul in balance. They re-centre any misalignments. And they give one that very necessary time to explore who they are and what they can be.

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