February , 2020
17:25 pm

B.E. Bureau

B M Birla Heart Research Centre thriving at 30 - cardiac care destination

CK Birla Hospitals - B M Birla Heart Research Centre, India’s first NABH accredited dis-tinctive super-speciality hospital, focuses on cardiac care based on three key principals - clinical excellence, quality cardiac care and patient centricity. Catering to a wide spectrum of cardiac ailments in children and adults, the hospital has been providing quality cardiac care, diagnosis, treatment, and research on cardiovascular diseases for over 30 years.

As B M Birla Heart Research Centre stepped into its thirtieth year, many of its patients shared their experiences. T.V. Azam from Bangladesh, the first patient to have a Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapeutic Defibrillator (CRTD) implantation some 25 years back said, “I had almost thought of giving up my business but after being treated here I not only run my business but have also expanded it.” Anmol, a child diagnosed with a complex cardiac condition, underwent a successful ‘Arterial Switch’ surgery. Cardiac surgeons at CK Birla Hospitals - B M Birla Heart Research Centre, explained, “Such a rare defect-incidence happens to one in 3300 babies who will be born having TGA. To be honest, success rates in these cases are less.”

Speaking on the occasion of 30 years’ celebration of B M Birla Heart Research Centre, Dr. Simmardeep Singh Gill, COO, CK Birla Hospitals gave an insight into what lies ahead for B M Birla Heart Research Centre. In his words, “Since its inception, this hospital has been committed to provide quality cardiac care, a focus from which we have not shifted. Today we can humbly say that we are the only super specialised cardiac care hospital in eastern India.”

Laparoscopic Peptic Perforation Repair at Ruby General Hospital

A gentleman with severe agonising abdominal pain, vomiting and with fever was admitted in the emergency department of Ruby General Hospital under the care of Dr. Sumanta Dey, Consultant, Advanced Laparoscopic, Bariatric and GI Surgeon.

After a rapid evaluation, he was diagnosed with peptic ulcer perforation which is a condition in which an untreated gastric / duodenal ulcer has burnt through the wall of the stomach / food pipe, allowing digestive acids and food to leak into the abdominal cavity. Its treatment requires immediate surgery by opening the abdomen and a delay can lead to a multi-organ failure. After relevant investigations, that night, Dr. Sumanta Dey along with his team, including Dr. Dwaipayan Jha, Consultant Anaesthetist, performed laparoscopic repair of the perforated area to give him a smooth recovery with minimal pain, minimal blood loss and negligible scar. This successful surgery has been one-of-its-kind in the hospital.


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