January , 2018
High precision spine and neurosurgery introduced in eastern India
14:26 pm

Ankita Chakraborty

Spine and neurosurgery have always been tedious and complex. AMRI hospitals have introduced the  latest technology, the O-arm navigation system for a more  advanced and safer surgery procedure. The O-arm provides the 3D surgical imaging equipment and navigation  system for accurate and precision based spine and neurosurgery. The O-arm surgical imaging system has successfully  established itself as the first multi-dimensional intra-operative imaging device in spine surgery. It delivers flawless  image quality and quick 3D reconstruction. Along with O-arm, S8 Navigator is also useful for brain (soft  tumour) surgeries.

O-arm S8 navigation system is customised for the benefit of both patients and surgeons.  This system will enable patients to undergo minimal incision surgery and incur minimal or no blood loss. This will reduce their stay at hospital. The post operative care is minimal with reduced pain and quicker recovery time. The O-arm technology will also reduce risk of tissue damage which is likely to prevent the risk of post-operative infection.

O-arm S8 Navigation System will also aid surgeons by providing a detailed view of patient’s anatomy in real time and enable accurate navigation through the delicate anatomy and critical structures in the spine. The O-arm reduces radiation in the surgery.

Rupak Barua, Group CEO, AMRI Hospitals, said, “Introduction of this new state-of-the-art advanced technology will revolutionise spine surgeries and its outcomes. We are proud and privileged to have the best and the most dedicated team of specialists who use their competence, knowledge, latest technology and innovations to provide the most advanced, accessible and affordable medical care at all times.”

The team that will be working on this  technology will be led by the nationally acclaimed neurosurgeon with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Sisir Das, Director and Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at AMRI Hospital Mukundapur.

At present, AMRI is the only hospital in Kolkata to have introduced high tech medical technology in eastern India. The hospital has already conducted about 15-20 surgeries with the equipment so far. Patients will have to incur an additional cost of around `20,000 more for the surgery.

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