March , 2019
How we think
14:19 pm

Paul Palmarozza

We need to establish a stable and balanced state of mind when making decisions. In business and in life we continually need to make decisions. The values that help to bring about that state of mind are mindful awareness, stillness and calmness.

For those familiar with mindfulness and meditation, they are being used increasingly in schools as well as businesses to relieve stress and to help bring about a quieter state of mind. While we have all experienced such moments of stillness, the idea given is to go there more often, especially when making difficult decisions. We need to be clear about the vision, values and the long-term sustainable objectives of the organisation. The long-term perspective of the enterprise is as important as meeting its short-term goals. Here the values of service, duty and courage are important.

We are encouraged to focus, to give our full attention to our duty avoiding the mental comparisons with the tasks and rewards of others which distract us from doing what is needed. Many of the teachings from various spiritual traditions, such as the Bhagavad Gita, set out our lawful duties and responsibilities in life. Our duties are linked to our talents and when we make best use of our talents in the service of all, we are fulfilling the law of Dharma.                                                                        

The entrepreneur needs to be clear about the vision for the enterprise and how this will be sustained. The impulse for me which prompted me to start my own company came in a creative moment of stillness. I had a vision of the company as a whole with a clear picture of the service we would offer and the users that would benefit which included an international market. The inspiration was followed and after 14 years we became a publicly listed company on the London AIM Stock Exchange.

Fearlessness - We all know that fear about what might happen in the future can mess up our mind. Without fear, we are able to remain balanced and poised in the present moment. I have found in my business career that there were times when I had to put fears and doubts aside and stepped into the unknown.

To maintain clarity and balance, there needs to be freedom from excessive desires, habitual reactions and claims for success or failure. We must equip ourselves to deal with the inevitable problems created by excessive desires and habits. When we are in a weakened frame of mind, one where there is no balance or stillness, then we become subject to the pressures from peers and waves of modern advertising pushes us to want more, consume more and travel more. The important values here are temperance, self-control and detachment.


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