July , 2023
The Ignorance Unlimited
10:53 am

C.L. Gulati

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the esteemed former President of India, renowned as the Missile Man and deeply spiritual, found himself surrounded by a group of school children. With a desire to convey the importance of a new world order, he shared a strategy for creating a better world by transforming ritualistic practices into spiritual ones. Engrossed in his every word, the children listened attentively as he began to tell them a story:

“God, the creator of the Earth, once found Himself dissatisfied with His creation. Do you know why? It was because mankind had brought chaos upon it. God felt compelled to take action and approached the archangel

for a solution. After surveying the Earth, the archangel informed God that it would be a challenging task to restore the Earth to its former glory, taking perhaps several decades or even a century. However, the archangel expressed uncertainty, stating that man had caused immense damage to God’s system. Intrigued yet cautious, God summoned Satan. Before God could pose a question, Satan boldly declared, ‘Yes, I can do it.’ God inquired about the speed at which Satan could accomplish the task, to which

Satan confidently replied, ‘In an instant.’ Aware of Satan’s nature, God decided not to entrust him with the job. Instead, God presented Satan with a difficult challenge: ‘Count the stars in the galaxy.’ Astonishingly, Satan provided the exact figure without delay. God decided to test him

further, saying, ‘Now count all the sand particles in the

world.’ Once again, Satan swiftly provided the precise

figure. If God had assigned Satan the task of ‘Go to Earth and count the number of individuals engaged in rituals

and ceremonies in My name, without truly knowing or seeing Me,’ Satan would still be unable to return to God with the accurate count.”

In the realm of human emotions, there exists a fluctuating, almost imperceptible line. Without actual knowledge, God takes on different forms for different individuals and even varies for the same person on different occasions. The proliferation of rituals and ceremonies has plunged the world into a vast ocean of polytheism, perpetuating errors and prejudices due to boundless ignorance. Religion, intended to unite people through the realization of the Fatherhood of God, has lost its essence and instead become a force of division. This transformation has given birth to global religious terrorism, disturbing the harmony of a promising new world. As Rudyard Kipling aptly states, ‘There is no sin as great as living in ignorance, and there is no sin greater than allowing others to live in ignorance.’

For every ailment on Earth, God has provided a remedy. According to a folk philosophy, every wrong carries within it the elements needed to make it right. It is akin to a wild plant that inflicts painful rashes upon those pricked by its thorns but provides quick relief when its green leaves are applied to the affected area. Similarly, mankind’s ignorance of God is a malignant curse, and spiritual enlightenment serves as the antidote.

As per the natural order, humanity must connect its soul with God and its body with the physical world. However, humans often connect their soul-guided minds with the material world and their bodies with rituals and ceremonies in the name of worship. This misalignment creates a short-circuit in religion, fragmenting it into diverse colors like a prism. In the absence of true knowledge, God appears differently to different individuals and even varies for the same person on different occasions. The concept of one God for all implies the idea of one religion that suits the entirety of humankind. The Sant Nirankari Mission has successfully achieved this objective by revealing the universal Fatherhood of God, transcending the need for conversions. Caught in the complexities of various rituals and ceremonies associated with different religions, true religion has lost its unifying power and become a divisive force. Dealing with a divided mankind has become increasingly challenging. As proponents of peace, not pieces, the Sant Nirankari Mission adheres to the motto, “Religion Unites, Never Divides,” emphasizing the key principles of “Know One, Believe in One, and Become One.”

Recognizing the loss of the human connection with God as the root cause of the rise in violent cults associated with religion, which, like a prism, have fragmented the once-unified white light of heavenly truth into diverse sects and isms, Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, Nirankari Rajpita Ramit Chandna Ji, and devotees of the Mission worldwide are dedicatedly working to restore and transform it back into a unified white light. The divine enlightenment imparted by the Nirankari Mission has become a widely recognized mission that reaches every corner, touching the lives of people and achieving the cherished goal of universal brotherhood among mankind.

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