July , 2020
Importance Of Family Doctors
19:34 pm

B.E. Bureau

 In this fifth episode of Turiya Talks season 3, Dr. Geeta Khaitan Gupta, an expert in internal medicine , accompanied by Turiya Talks' co-founder Sandhya Sutodia talked on the topic – Importance of Family Doctors. Family Doctors are the bridge between the patients and the specialists as the primary care is being taken by them for you and your family. They provide home treatment for the patients so that they don't have to face the hassle of hospital visits frequently. The main intention is to stick with one doctor and develop mutual trust and respect, paying visits to different doctors will result in the loss of responsibility and create a mental mess and frustrate you. Dr. Khaitan said, "All human beings have emotions but the conversation between patients and doctors are strictly confidential and emotionless, thus providing a wall in-between ". Telemedicine has initiated a great impact during the pandemonium of COVID – 19 in the lives of patients and doctors.  It has helped the physician to assess the patient on an initial basis, whether they are required for a check-up or not. Dr. Khaitan said “Most of the countries in the west have government healtcare system.  Since there is no exchange of money between a patient and a doctor, the care is always better ; rich and poor are treated equally, when patients and doctors do not have to worry about money, the medical care, compliance and follow up is much much better”. Dr. Khaitan ended the session with the quote saying " Mental wellness can be increased by learning to praise yourself and others around you, learning to be thankful and appreciating what we have ”.   Link for TuriyaTalks S3E5 :

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