March , 2018
India as a nation: Its past, present and future
15:39 pm

B.E. Bureau

Society of Human Aptitude, Knowledge ,Training and Implementation (SHAKTI) is a registered trust, which is working on developing the quality of living of the marginalised. It recently organised the Dilip Ganguly Memorial Seminar on the subject – ‘India as a Nation: Its past, present and future’ in association with Business Economics. The event was organised at the Vivekananda Hall of Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Golpark, Kolkata. The purpose of the seminar was to emphasise the glorious history of the country, to appraise the present scenario and to provide a collective insight towards forging a better future for the country.

The seminar was well attended by academics, social
workers, businessmen, and media persons. Dr. H. P. Kanoria, the Chairman of the SREI Group, was one of the speakers who enlightened the audience with his thoughts and shared his view on the subject of making India a better place to live in. In his speech, he regarded the youth as the future of the country and that the women were the backbone of the country. In his speech, the audience were reminded once again of the history of Indian national movement. The national movement would have remained incomplete without the contributions made by the women. The sacrifice made by the women of India

Dr. Kanoria stated, “They fought with true spirit and undaunted courage and faced various tortures, exploitations, and hardships to earn us our freedom. In India, women, in the form of Goddesses depict the epitome of power that they are. Sometimes it is in the form of Goddess Kali, where the ultimate truth of life – ‘Time’ revolves around her, thus the world is controlled by her notion. On the other hand she is Goddess Durga, the kind mother who protects us from all the evil. From wisdom to finance, from fertility to food, we worship everything in the form of women-power.”

An ardent follower of the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, Dr. H.P. Kanoria believes that this is a world of good and evil. Wherever there is good, evil follows. But beyond and behind all these manifestations, all these contradictions, there is a singular unity. Dr. Kanoria said, “What remains then? Behind good and evil stands something which is yours, the real you, beyond every evil, and beyond every good too, and it is that which is manifesting itself as good and bad.”

He continued, “Society does not go down because of the activities of criminals, but because of the inaction of the good people. For making a better India, we must all think in terms of equality, unity and mutual respect. Together we create a better world for the future generation.”

He reminded of the great Indians who made India proud. Dr. Kanoria spoke extensively on C. P. Ramanujan, the great Indian mathematician who presented the number theory. He regretted the fact that today’s younger generations are being misguided by so many external influences.

Along with Dr. H P Kanoria, Swami Suparnananda Maharaj, the Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Professor Sugata Marjit, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Calcutta and Dr. Harish Chandra Verma, a retired professor of IIT Kanpur were the other guests who shared their thoughts on the same platform.

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