November , 2020
India Power's powerful customer-first strategy pays rich dividends to consumers
11:14 am

B.E. Bureau

India Power Corporation Limited has embarked on a mission to ensure that its domestic and industrial consumers are assured of electricity supply at affordable rates without suffering voltage fluctuations, power failures, blackouts, and load-shedding.


The company's focus on customer-centricity, especially during this period of the pandemic, has paid rich dividends to its customers in the form of a steady and stable power supply. The aggregate technical and commercial ("AT&C") loss has been restricted to 3%, which is one of the lowest among utilities nationally. This has resulted in a 24x7 supply of reliable and affordable power to the consumers.


Compared to the state-owned utility in its area of operation, India Power supplies power at a 20% cheaper tariff in most categories. The company currently holds a distribution license for supplying power over 618 square kilometres in West Bengal's Asansol-Ranigunj region. It is one of the few Indian utilities that operates in a competitive environment with two other suppliers also vying for the same set of customers.


Commenting on the company's drive to make electricity available at affordable rates, Raghav Raj Kanoria, Managing Director, India Power, said, "India Power has a century-old legacy of customer-centricity, which has always been an intricate part of the fabric of its business. We are committed to our customers' well-being and do whatever it takes to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity at affordable rates."


He added, "We realised that in this period of pandemic, many of our domestic consumers would be working from their homes and we need to provide them an enabling environment to perform their duties efficiently from the safety and comfort of their homes. I am glad that every employee of India Power has been fully committed to this cause. It has allowed us to serve our family of consumers in the best possible manner despite a challenging operating environment. I am confident that we will continue to offer quality services in regions where we operate.”


Somesh Dasgupta, whole-time Director, India Power, said, "Our strength lies in our in-depth knowledge of the energy sector, which helps us deliver value to our customers through quality solutions and best in class services. At India Power, customers come first, and it has been demonstrated through our services through the ages. We will continue to remain committed to the growth and prosperity of our industrial, commercial and domestic consumers."

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