December , 2021
International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women
16:35 pm

Dr. H. P. Kanoria

My heartfelt greetings to the distinguished Speakers, divine brothers and sisters, and children of Almighty God.I bow to all women in the Universe. God has created us in his own image with his love and virtues. He is the universal father, mother, brother, sister and friend. We are all his children. We are infinite, perfect and divine. God is beyond duality. He is both in men and women. Men and women have different gender, yes, but bodies die. Souls are immortal. They are the source of love, mercy, sympathy and forgiveness.During the Vedic age in India, women were respected and honoured. They were great scholars, saints, enlightened souls and great warriors. They were symbols of purity and love.Women have infinite 'shakti' or strength. Today, they are rising to the top positions as leaders, scholars, writers, millionaires, billionaires and professionals in all areas. They have become astronauts. They have moved to serve humanity. They are more spiritual. Women have created gigantic intellectuals. They can work out their own destiny.Today, while observing the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women let us take a vow. Let there be no difference from soul to soul on account of gender. All Nations have given women equal rights. They have awakened. They have arisen.Women are the reflection of God’s love. Women have to awaken themselves. They need not be dependent. They have strength mightier than that of men. Swami Vivekananda Said, “Educate women and let them manage themselves”.  All of us need to awaken women power within us, i.e. tolerance, restraint and love. We have founded Acid Survivors & Women Welfare Foundation, which is a non-profit organization for public good and charitable purposes, with focus on eradication of acid violence and care of acid victims. ASWWF’s motto ‘Positive Prevention & Rebuilding Lives’ at once defines its mission, purpose and scope of activity. ASWWF’s USP is a national vision and global partnership in the war against acid violence; a holistic approach from prevention to cure, from casualty to compensation, from recovery to rehabilitation, and from reintegration to normalcy for survivors.ASWWF is headquartered at Kolkata.  We have set up chapters in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai Odisha, Patna and Meerut. ASWWF is connected with overseas partnership in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Our raternity extends to Cambodia, Bangladesh and Nepal, Pakistan, Uganda and Colombia and UK. This has enabled skill sharing, cross country interaction and resource mobilization. I am sure that ASWWF in consultation with all major stakeholders will arrive at concrete and actionable solutions to various problems that will be of help to the government and civil society. Advocacy and prevention campaign are regularly undertaken to raise public awareness to usher in changes in attitude towards women. By working with communities and other stakeholders, ASWWF is supporting the development and implementation of strategies that strives to diminish this crime.ASWWF extends assistance in the physical, psychological and social rehabilitation of women who are victims of violence and also to those who are economically disadvantaged. SIRAGU an initiative of ASWWF aims to empower under-privileged women with skills and provides them the infrastructure to be financially stable thereby enabling them to uphold their human rights and live a life of dignity and honour.ASWWF has done a detailed Situational Analysis of acid violence in Eastern India. It has also developed a first of its kind Trauma Informed Care Kit for sensitization of service providers dealing with acid violence.  l   Facilitating of medical treatment   l Assistance for speedy investigation and obtaining of final report  l  Legal assistance for pursuing cases in Court and for getting compensation l Support for rehabilitation by skill training, assisting with employment / own business l  Educational assistance for children of victims l  Creating awareness of this heinous crime amongst vulnerable age groups. l  ASWWF has received numerous national and international recognition for its work.Other Women Welfare Initiatives of ASWWFSIRAGU - an initiative of ASWWF which helps under privileged women by providing substantial information, skill training, materials, and financial support to develop their abilities to become creative and independent.Solar Charkha Mission- Women living in the rural villages  are provided solar charkhas to make cotton thread and sell them to the government directly. This gives them an opportunity of year round employment.  Fight against Human Trafficking - ASWWF has been providing holistic support through partners for rehabilitating rescued trafficked girls. Each victims have been provided financial assistance for starting small businesses which has been transforming their lives.Vocational Training- Disadvantaged women and acid survivors are being provided employment after successful skill training.We need to tie-up with governments, UN agencies, civil society organizations and other institutions to find ways to prevent violence against women and girls, focusing on early education, respectful relationships, and working with men and boys. Prevention is still the most cost-effective, long-term way to stop violence.In conclusion, I would like to thank each of you for being present here to support the cause of International day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to effectively and timely tackle the challenges faced by women and girls globally and to identify remedies and draw up of an action plan to mitigate the challenges faced by them. We must put our heads and hearts together, and work harder and faster to make women’s safety and security, health and gender equality, free of violence a reality for all. 

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