December , 2019
Intuit Lab partners with Techno India
17:20 pm

B.E. Bureau

French educational institute of design, strategy and visual communication Intuit Lab has announced its partnership with the Kolkata based Techno India Group. Driven by an aspiration to contribute to technological education of new generations, Intuit Lab and Techno India have come together to enrich the minds of creative aspirants of West Bengal.

This strategic French-Indian collaboration will provide a platform to creative enthusiasts by offering graduate and post-graduate level courses in design, art and gaming. All the programmes will be held at the newly designed Techno India University campus at Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Speaking on the partnership, Clément Derock, Co-Founder, Intuit Lab said, “We are very excited to partner with the Techno India Group. This partnership will be opening doors of new opportunities for the youth of West Bengal. Learned professionals from all fields are realising the role of design and creativity in their respective fields. Technology and design together are leading the world through its most monumental transformation and it is very important for India to leverage the opportunity. Our collaboration will give students and educators a chance to explore new facets of digital and visual art studies.”

Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, Director, Global Operations, Techno India Group said, “We have always believed in offering distin-guished and varied courses to the students of West Bengal. Techno India Group and Intuit Lab are joining hands to create a curriculum which will offer unique courses highlighting the correlation between art and technology. Through this partnership and new-age teaching practices, we will be able to cultivate a balance between training and experience, between theory and practice and between academics and professionals.”

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