July , 2017
ixigo: one platform to compare all travel portals
13:31 pm

B.E. Bureau

ixigo is the fastest growing travel meta search engine in the Indian travel industry. It was founded in 2007. It connects around 80 million travellers with content and deals from over 25,000 online and offline travel and hospitality businesses.

BEs Anustup Roy Barman talked with Rajnish Kumar, CTO & Co-Founder: Tech / Product Launches, ixigo, about their new technologies and products.


.Q How did the idea of ixigo come up?

A. The idea of ixigo came from the need to create one platform to compare all travel portals and allow users to compare
prices instantly at one place and eventually help them to book the cheapest option. At the time when ixigo started, there
were enough travel portals in India to make this value proposition viable.

Q. What is the Fare Intelligence feature?

A. Fare Intelligence helps users find the best fare by automatically detecting searches that a user might be interested in. It then tracks the fares for those sectors and notifies them in real-time as soon as the fare drops. It even uses past trends and prices to tell whether you should book the flight then or wait for the fares to drop further.

Q. How does the feature of cab booking work without the internet or GPS?

A. It uses trip intelligence, mobile network, and SMS to fetch user location and eventually book the cab for the end user without internet.

Q. What are your plans for this financial year?

A. We will continue to work hard on the product to remain the travel app with the best user experience in the industry. Going forward, there will be a lot of focus on personalised travel recommendations by leveraging our big data and machine learning platforms.

Q. What are the new technologies that are being introduced by you?

A. Some of the latest technologies that we have introduced include the use of advanced neural networks to create better predictive models and improve our personal travel assistant.

Q. What are the features that make you different from other cab booking apps?

A. Apart from the fact that we allow users to compare almost all cab providers inside our app we also have 1-tap booking, which lets users book a cab with 1-tap even without the internet and GPS.

Q. Do you have hotel booking facility available in your app?

A. Yes, we do have a full-fledged hotel comparison and booking feature available.

Q. How does ixibaba work?

A. ixibaba uses millions of travel queries and advanced neural networks to understand and respond to almost any travel query. It also takes into account a lot of contextual information to improve its accuracy and relevance. Thanks to the machine learning algorithms at its core, ixibaba keeps getting smarter with every query that it handles.

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