December , 2020
Jindal Stainless unveils its redesigned website
12:30 pm

B.E. Bureau

Jindal Stainless launched its redesigned corporate website, www.jindalstainless.com. The website now features a more contemporary design and an enhanced user-friendly interface. The redesigned website integrates the business-enabler platform www. makestainless.com to facilitate online enquiries and connect end users with fabricators, service providers, and business associates. Speaking on the launch, Abhyuday Jindal, Managing Director, Jindal Stainless said, “We believe it will enable better engagement with stakeholders, including customers, investors, partners and media. This site provides comprehensive information not just about Jindal Stainless, but even more importantly, about stainless steel. By linking www.makestainless.com with the corporate website, we intend to bridge the consumer-fabricator gap, and thereby enhance usage of stainless steel in day-to-day applications.” Anotherdistinguishing feature of this site is that it’s not just informative, but also educative. Under the website’s ‘A World of Stainless’ section, the site unravels the process of making stainless steel, its manifold applications, global examples, and steps taken by the organisation to spread awareness about stainless steel in India.


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