February , 2019
Kashmiri youth expands business via social media, becomes role model
12:50 pm

Shabir Bhat

Musaib Nisar, a post-graduate student of environmental science from the volatile Pulwama district of South Kashmir, has used social media for promotion of his furniture business at a time when security agencies in Jammu and Kashmir are repeatedly cautioning against the negative use of social media.

Musaib who hails from Sombura village of Pulwama, told BE, “Unemployment is a huge problem in Kashmir. After completeing my education, instead of searching for employment, I decided to generate employment for others. I started a furniture business. I used social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for the promotion of my business. I was getting orders online. The postive use of this technology helped me to expand my business. Alhough my unit is in south Kashmir, I get orders from all corners of the state now.”

Bashir Ahmad Mir a social activist from the Pulwama, told BE, “Youths like Musaib are role models for others. The state administration should come forward to assist these young people who are generating employment for our state.”

Musaib whose business has expanded in recent months said that he has provided employment to at least 15 educated young men from his region. He said, “We are currently having a monthly turnover of around 15 lakhs and we expect to increase it in future.” He added, “Kashmir is full of uncertainties. Strikes and curfews have affected the economic secenario of our Valley and now snapping off internet connections are causing problems for our business.”

Rayees Ahmad, a graduate who is working with Musaib said that the furniture business has a very bright future in Kashmir. He added that the administration needs to promote start-ups in Kashmir. He said, “Simplified registration process and governmental financial assistance can help new ventures. Rampant corruption in government offices and non accountibility of government officers adds to our miseries.” Disruption of internet has hit businesses in Kashmir, which are already suffering due to diverse domestic problems.


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