March , 2022
Kutchina stresses more on their "make in India" initiative
20:46 pm

B.E. Bureau

Q) How big is the overall kitchen appliances market in India? At what rate is it growing?

A) Overall, the Kitchen appliances market in India is estimated at `20 crore in 2022 of which 45%-50% is contributed by large kitchen appliances. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12-14% - largely driven by high growth in the large kitchen appliances segment.

Q) Who are the key players in this field?

A) There are multiple segments and each segment has a leader. The entire gamut of kitchen appliances is divided into big, small and modular kitchens However, we provide complete kitchen solutions and we have presence in each of the segments.

Q) What is Kutchina's current market share?

A) We are the current market leader in the east with 58% market share. Nationally, we enjoy 15% of the market share.

Q) What are your plans to tap the neighbouring markets of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka?

A) We’re already present in Nepal - having two stores already. We already manufacture modular kitchens in India. We Are having some ambitious plans and currently coming up with our manufacturing unit at Kalyani Expressway, near Kolkata. Once the first phase is complete by early next year, our dependency on imports will come down and then we hope to start our outreach to neighbouring countries.

Q) You mostly get your products manufactured by different OEMs in and outside the country (mostly in China). But to my knowledge, you were also keen on responding positively to the 'Make in India' initiative. Any progress on that front?

A) Yes, buoyed by the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, we’re coming up with our own manufacturing unit, which will support full scale independent manufacturing.

Q) How many outlets do you have? What are your retail expansion plans? How many dealers-distributors do you have?

A) We have around 80+ outlets along with experiential Kutchina galleries and we also have presence in different retail formats. We plan to make it to 100+ stores this fiscal.
Currently, we are having around 300+ distributors and 4000+ dealers spread all over the country.

Q) Do you have plans to get into tier-II and tier-III cities as well? How much of your business comes from these towns as of now?

A) We have a strong presence in Tier –II and tier III cities. With the pandemic, we have noticed a surge in demand from these cities as well. We’re fortifying our territory in these cities by increasing our company led outlets. It’s difficult to say the quantum of demand from the aforesaid segment but demand is very strong as people are pressed for time and everybody needs to work out on work-life balance with appliances that saves time and helps in cooking.

Q) How is your small appliances business doing? Is it growing?

A) Yes, we have strong demands for small appliances. Our brand is an established one and we're experiencing roughly around 40% growth.

Q) Any plans for brand extensions or roll out of sub-brands?

A) Yes, we’re considering many diverse segments. We have recently introduced wardrobes in the market .


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