May , 2018
Ladies Study Group to inspire women
16:16 pm

B.E. Bureau

A recent event organised by Ladies Study Group (LSG) on ‘A Woman of Substance, upheld the cause of women empowerment and self-sufficiency.

LSG, which is the ladies wing of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and actively involved in promoting women empowerment and various social issues embarked on its mission to inspire, influence and impact women by organising an in-conversation programme with Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Speaking at the event, Sitharaman shared her journey of determination, perseverance and her incredible life experiences. Besides, Sitharaman spoke about the nature of her work and the responsibilities that come with it and various other ongoing political affairs of the country. The conversation was thought-provoking for men and women alike.

Nirmala Sitharaman shared, “I believe that women now need to take on more responsibilities as Directors in companies’ boards. More women have to enter the corporate world. No job is no longer just a man’s job.”

Madhulika Kanoria, who has been associated with LSG for the past 12-13 years, and is now the President of LSG said at the event, “I hope this event has been an exalting experience for our members and esteemed guests. The LSG has always strived to equip women to think and act with confidence. As President of LSG, my endeavour will be to ensure and encourage quality conversations with inspirational personalities from various walks of life and highlight the positive impact of LSG on its members and society at large.”

LSG’s objectives are to spread awareness through interactions and analyses, understand the ramifications of national issues, be involved in devising and carrying out action plans for improving the quality of life in our society, open up opportunities for expression, and felicitate endeavours towards excellence. LSG has helped stimulate consciousness in its members. LSG have organised various programmes on empowerment of women, cultural activities and interaction with the corporate sector. These have led to create a huge social awareness and professional and literary development. It has also undertaken social welfare projects for the upliftment of the underprivileged.

Ladies Study Group was established in 1966. Over the past 52 years this forum has played an active role in promoting women empowerment and addressing various social issues. LSG has had the honour of hosting national and international personalities from diverse backgrounds.

This group strives to equip women to think and act with confidence by giving them opportunities to interact with the best minds from various walks of life, providing focused insights into their area of expertise and thereby broadening its members’ perspective.


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