August , 2020
Is Leadership getting Redifined ?
14:43 pm

B.E. Bureau


The 3rd episode of Season 4 of TuriyaTalks, was joined by Rajiv Sharma who is the Head Equity Research at SBICAPS Securities and joined by our Co-Founder Sandhya Sutodia to discuss on the topic “ Is Leadership Getting Redifined?”.
Sharma started the session by saying “ Life is really about joining the dots, that’s the path that leads us to our goal.”
Becoming a leader is a practice. Just like an athlete or any sportsperson does, practice until, you reach your exclamation point where you are on  the top of your field.
Leaders have to nurture new leaders as they will not be able to reach company heights focusing on existing leaders and not preparing the future leaders of the world. They need to identify the strategic growth and embrace it if this leads towards the goals of the organization.
We should always look at the examples that are successful and also consider unsuccessful events providing a scenario to take steps in framing a better future.
Just sit back and look at the opportunities that are coming. Think of better and new routes for improvement and discover how the track is captured by others .
When you are identifing a leader, this leader has to be someone that has to be beleived by a larger team, as team leader A may not be perfect for organization B. So, companies have to ensure that the right person is in the right position for better outcomes.
Sharma ended the session by saying “Dont own the baby, help the baby to cross the hurdles but give them challenges, coach them to that next level so that their morale would be build.”
Link for TuriyaTalks S4E3 :


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