May , 2021
Letter to the editor
13:36 pm

B.E. Bureau


Dear Sir, 

I have read carefully your editorial on - From Jesus Christ to Lord Ram to Ma Durga. You have good intention towards religion to teach the younger generation, but unfortunately who listens to whom in this country. 


I am a regular reader of your esteemed magazine. I remember since the Pandemic hit India on March 2020, your every editorial raised the issue but New Delhi does not care about the suffering of the million of Indians. 


The head of AIIM New Delhi Dr. Randeep Gurullia had cautioned the government about the 3rd wave of Covid 19 coming soon in a vigourous manner. Even RSS Leader Subramanian Swami issued an open statement on 5th May 2021 attacking PMO and asked them to tackle the Covid situation by handing over to Nitin Gatkari the Road Transport Minister or Rajnath Singh the Defence Minister. He is convinced that the PMO repeatedly failed all the national crisis including Covid. 


Country wide oxygen shortfall is shameful for the nation but nobody is taking the matter seriously unfortunately. Oxygen supply is one of the serious issues. Even Delhi Military Hospital has no oxygen for the last 48 hrs. They are sending SOS to New Delhi Chief Minister. According to newspaper reports and TV news, in UP and Madhya Pradesh, people are selling oxygen and Covid 19 related medicines in the black market but the government is neither denying nor admitting the same. 


In view of the above situation, 3rd wave is inevitable, said the principal scientific advisor to the government Prof. K Vijayraghavan, recently. I hope the entire country is prepared to counter the 3rd wave. But first the government needs to address the present pandemic situation urgently and help save lives. 


- Sukha Ranjan Dasgupta

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