November , 2019
Lord Krishna
16:06 pm

Manisha Lohia

Lord Krishna resides in the heart of pure and righteous. Let our body, mind and soul be filled with playful sports of Divine child.

In the kali yuga, the age of evil when virtue is impossible, only the name of Krishna sets you free. All love Krishna, who was born in a prison cell.

The reasons for Lord Krishna’s birth are innumerable. Krishna came to hold an unstable world steady and to ensure that neither power of darkness nor grace can survive to dominate the lesser one. His incarnation was to establish righteousness and the living philosophy of ‘only love’ and ‘service’. Lord Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva in the prison cell of Kansa, the King of Mathura. Kansa had become King after putting his father in prison. Subjects and the pious were oppressed. Krishna had appeared as a child having wonderful lotus eyes and with Sri Vatsa mark on the chest. He bore in his four hands the four weapons: Shankha, Chakra, (disc), Gada (mace) and Padma (lotus). After prayers by Devaki, Krishna transformed himself into a small human child. Under the cosmic power of Lord Krishna, Vasudeva shifted the child to Nanda baba and Jashodhara in Gokul and brought the girl child to Devaki. The girl child, who was none but Divine Mother could not be killed, though attempted by Kansa.

Having come to know from Divine Mother, through Her announcement in sky that the eighth child of Devaki was shifted to Gokul Kansa started sending giants (asura) to kill the child Krishna.

Yashodhara and Nanda, Gopis (milkmaids) and Gopalas (cowherd boys) were fortunate to hold him in the circle of their loving arms and play with the Divine child. He was to them son, friend, lover, saviour and Almighty God. Mother Yashoda used to nourish the divine child by putting her breast in the rosebud mouth of the child, who sucked the milk with delight even though He is the nourisher of the universe.

Kansa sent a lady giant who disguised herself as a beautiful Gopi (Gokul’s Lady) applying poison on the breast. She picked the crawling divine child. After flying in the sky, she put the breast in the mouth of the divine child who started sucking, by closing eyes, prana (the life force) rather than milk. Then she took her real form as a giant. Krishna closed his eyes possibly for the following reasons:

             Evil action cannot face him

             Not to see the face of the giant who is the killer of the child

             To see good karma of Putana in previous births, by which she could act as mother to feed Krishna

             Poison was on the breast. So, meditation on Lord Shiva, who drank a pot of poison

             Putana was cruel in heart, but she had taken the disguise of mother. Better not to see the cruelty

             How Putana could be killed if Lord Krishna saw her. His glance would not allow Putana to be killed. She would be burnt if he saw

Putana lost her life while Krishna was sucking. She was a monster, her dead body was large. It was cut to pieces to burn.

All prayed to Lord Krishna and other Devatas to protect the child, who himself was incarnation of Lord Krishna.

Balaram, the elder brothers (son of Rohini – wife of Vasudeva) and Krishna started crawling about. At the age of 45, Yashoda had to run after them forgetting all normal household duties. When she used to pant, Krishna, held the saree and climbed to the lap of mother, drowned her in the nectar of Mother’s love. When he started to toddle, he went to a well; “Mother! Mother! Come and see! There is a little boy like me in the well. Please come and take him out, mother.” Mother Yashoda warned him not to do it again. He used to take out a little butter from pots and at times break them so other children could share and enjoy. Yashoda kept running after him. She continued to see his face everywhere.

This is a duality. Saint Tulsidas said that Lord Narayan is with form and without form. The formless one appears in form to give Love and bliss to the devotees. Paramhansa Ramakrishna urged devotees to enjoy the love of Mother divine. He used to feed Mother Kali and to get fed by Mother Kali. It is difficult to fix our mind on a formless god while doing mundane tasks. It is easy to recall the mischievous exploits of the divine child, crawling, toddling, peeping and laughing at us in and through our busy worldly activities.

He would go uninvited to this house of gopis. He would steal into their houses like a rogue along with other gopalas and help Himself and friends to butter, yoghurt, curd, milk, ghee, etc. His kindness is beyond explanation. By this, He used to steal the hearts of gopis who loved Him immensely. If we invite him once, he would come invited and steal the butter of our love and bless us with all happiness and protect us. To enjoy and to tease and to give lessons for renunciation of possession, He used to break the pots. Once He was caught and taken to his mother by gopis. To the surprise of the gopis, she found that she was holding her own son instead of Lord Krishna.


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