August , 2017
MEDICA Heart Team: the new treatment
14:34 pm

Anustup Roy Barman

The Indian health sector is witnessing a phenomenal transformation in health-care. The city of Kolkata is all set for the new “Heart Team”. MEDICA super specialty hospital has rolled out a new style of treatment where the patient does not have to rush from one doctor to the other for the correct opinion. Earlier, people visited a doctor for opinion regarding any health issue. In most of the cases he or she was not satisfied and had to pay a visit to another doctor. On the other hand sometimes one doctor could never diagnose the exact problem and the patient had to be taken to some other doctor who is a specialist of another field. This wasted a lot of time and the patient had to undergo a lot of anxiety.

MEDICA has come up with a solution and has set up a ‘Heart Team’ where there will be a set of doctors to treat the patient. The doctors might be from different specialised areas as per the need of the patient. There are instances of cardiac patients who are being advised Angioplasty by one doctor and Cardiac Surgery by the other. The more opinions he takes, the more confused he gets and develops a ‘trust deficit’. This is where the expertise of MEDICA ‘Heart Team’ comes in.  In this concept, the patient gets to meet an Interventional Cardiologist and a Cardiac Surgeon together. The doctors meet the patient together at the same time and collectively advise him on what is best for him. They will investigate the patient and come to a consensus on the line of treatment post a team discussion. This is a unique service that MEDICA is offering to their clients. This clinic is a relatively new concept in our city. According to Dr. Kunal Sarkar, Senior Vice-Chairman, MEDICA and a renowned Cardiac Surgeon himself, “We started this clinic with the aim to ensure a rational approach with evidence-based medicine for better outcomes.”

They have already treated over a hundred patients after its launch last month. The pioneer of this concept, Prof. (Dr.) Rabin Chakraborty, Senior Vice-Chairman, Cardiology Services, MEDICA, said, “In the last two weeks, we had four consultations and convinced the patients to decide to take the right treatment in our hospital.” He also added, “Heart Team is changing significantly worldwide. Heart patients are much more complicated. Also, the treatment provided these days is quite advanced, ensuring minimal hospitalisation, best outcome, quick recovery, and last but not the least, back to work as early as possible.”

The benefits of this team are enormous on the patients. This team will reduce fragmented decision making and improve coordination of care. The decision can be made after a shared discussion with the patient, the family and the experts. This will improve timeliness and consistency of decisions when multiple providers are likely to be involved, increasing satisfaction for both patients and physicians. It will also allow more intricate and patient-centered treatment plans. According to Dr. Alok Roy, Chairman, MEDICA Group of Hospitals, “Going forward, the concept of MEDICA Heart Team is expected to gain popularity in present day cardiology to provide holistic evidence based and ethically correct advice to the patients with various cardiovascular diseases in the eastern region.”

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