July , 2023
Meditation Enhanced by Reiki: A Simpler Practice
23:25 pm

B.E. Bureau

In today’s fast-paced and stressful life, many of us find ourselves on a difficult and exhausting journey. We constantly rush through our daily routines, only to realize at the end of the day that we haven’t had a genuine moment of heartfelt laughter. Time is precious, and the accumulation of day-to-day stress can drain our energy, leaving us fatigued and susceptible to a myriad of problems. Gradually, this burden takes a toll on our clarity of thought, effective communication, and overall sense of joy. The mind becomes overwhelmed by negativity, paving the way for diseases and depression. Negativity impairs our ability to concentrate, erodes our self-confidence, and drains our enthusiasm for life. As a result, happiness becomes elusive.

What we all desire is to feel blessed and embark on a beautiful journey in life. However, this cannot be achieved merely through information gathered from various sources or a mere desire for internal happiness. There is a way, and our pursuit of happiness may become easier if we choose the path of meditation. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a difficult practice; it simply requires regular commitment. While we often seek happiness in worldly possessions, it is short-lived, leaving us constantly searching for the next source of fulfillment. In contrast, regular meditation leads us to higher goals and allows us to experience true joy within ourselves. Through consistent practice, a profound sense of serenity permeates our consciousness, connecting us to our spiritual essence. This experience is ineffable; it must be felt to be understood.

Numerous methods exist for meditation, with various gurus advocating different approaches. While the methods may differ, they all lead to the same objective: connecting with the divine. Meditation is an ancient practice found in most religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. Prayer, perhaps the most widely practiced and recognized form of meditation, remains relevant to this day, regardless of its age.

There are countless individuals who perceive meditation as “too challenging” and believe it is not for them. However, this assumption is simply untrue. In fact, it is beneficial to commence this practice at a young age. Meditation does not necessitate renouncing the world, excessive time commitments, or a specific religious inclination. It is a simple practice that can be seamlessly incorporated into our daily lives, enhancing our sense of fulfillment and happiness.

For those pursuing corporate careers, moments of quiet contemplation may prove to be the new invigorating force. Meditation can unlock creativity, boost productivity, foster compassion towards colleagues and customers, and act as an effective antidote to stress.

Meditation is an inward journey that enables us to tap into our inner strength and discover the true meaning of life. It harmonizes the mind, body, and soul, facilitating a state of perfect calm, focus, and awareness—an unbreakable connection with our inner selves. It leads us to a state of pure consciousness that ultimately culminates in bliss. While reaching this state may not be easy, there are countless paths that lead us there. It need not always involve assuming the famous lotus pose; instead, we can choose to concentrate on our breath—the gentle flow of air in and out of our nostrils. Alternatively, we can repeat mantras, verses, names, either aloud or silently, to gather our attention and illuminate our consciousness. Focusing on an object such as a pendulum, candle, or piece of art is another intriguing method. Fascinatingly, meditation can also be practiced through slow, deliberate movements like yoga or tai chi. The possibilities for meditation are endless.

When Reiki supports meditation, practitioners can delve into profound depths that are not typically experienced within a short timeframe. Even individuals with no prior exposure to meditation have shared remarkable experiences during a two-day Reiki workshop, such as moments of silence void of external distractions. Participants in these workshops gain an understanding of the concept of the aura (energy body) and chakras, recognizing their direct impact on the mind. They learn to heal and energize their chakras, quieting the turbulence within their minds and cultivating a more positive attitude. This aids in diving deeper into meditation in significantly shorter periods of time.

Consistency is key. Initially, the mind may wander, but with time and practice, you will overcome these distractions. I encourage you to give it a try; it is a simple practice that requires no equipment and carries no cost. All you need is a little time and intent.  

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