February , 2019
'One family, one job' initiative improving Sikkim economy
12:31 pm

B.E. Bureau

The ‘one family, one job’ is an exemplary scheme of the Sikkim state government that is intended towards the welfare of unemployed youths. This prominent initiative has set a new benchmark in the history of Sikkim. Under the leadership of Pawan Chamling, Sikkim has transformed steadfastly and rapidly developed itself. The people of the state owe a lot of gratitude to the persistent efforts of Chief Minister Chamling. The state has also received various prestigious awards under his leadership.

In the journey towards creating a modern Sikkim, the role of Chamling has been aptly aided by the efforts put in by his legislators. The development in the state is a result of persistent inputs from his legislators who have worked at the grassroots. It is easy to build castles in the air but it is difficult to turn dreams into reality. The SDF government has been working consistently towards nurturing the dreams and aspirations of the people of Sikkim.

The role of D.T. Lepcha, MLA, Gnathang-Machong constituency can be seen as an example. He has played a pivotal role towards the development of the state in general and his constituency in particular. On January 12, 2019 at Palzor Stadium, Gangtok during the historic occasion of ‘Rozgar Mela’, hundreds of youths from Gnathang-Machong were granted appointment letters in various capacities. The jobs have not only provided financial stability to several households but has also revolutionised youth empowerment. The role of D.T. Lepcha was exemplary in this regard as he facilitated this process. The foundation stone laying ceremony for the construction of the Nishani Kali Devi at Pandam Gari, a historical site located in the eastern part of Sikkim is a recent development and will contribute significantly to the state’s tourism sector. The temple is expected to attract a large number of tourists.

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