April , 2024
Padatik Dance Troupe to Present Indian Musical Drama in Houston
23:11 pm

B.E. Bureau

In Houston, USA, the rhythmic beats of Kathak, accompanied by traditional Indian musical instruments, will resonate as Padatik Dance Centre of Calcutta showcases a unique dance drama titled ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili Hui – Why Harm the Holy River Ganga?’. The performance aims to support the annual cultural festival organized by the ‘Foundation for Children’s Cancer Research and Support’ (FCCRS), an NGO.

Conceptualized by Keka Kar, President of the US-based nonprofit organization, Indian Music and Performing Arts Inc. (IMPA), the live dance-musical is inspired by the plight of the polluted Ganges river. “It is solely our responsibility, as humans, to rejuvenate and restore our sacred river,” she emphasized.

Souvik Chakraborty, a respected Kathak dancer and the lead performer, will incorporate various dance forms such as Uttar Pradeshi kajri, Rajasthani mand, Bengal’s ganga pujan, along with elements of Bengali folk and Tagore’s compositions into the choreography. Ritusri Choudhuri, another Kathak dancer from Padatik, will support him, while choreographer Sajid Jamal will also perform and train local talents in folk and semi-classical dance.

Music director Somnath Chakraborty mentioned the blend of Sufi songs and gazals sung by Prithvi Ghandharv, accompanied by tabla-player Prashant Sonagra’s Kathak bandish, infused with Varanasi ghat aarti and shiv vandana compositions.

Additionally, several local American students from a Houston High School, trained specifically for this performance, will take part in the final act. Upon their return, the team aims to stage this dance drama at the Padatik center. 

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