September , 2019
Pet care industry: an emerging market in India
15:35 pm

Aritra Mitra

With an estimated 19 million pets, and 600,000 pets being adopted every year, the pet food industry in India shows huge potential. There has been an increasing awareness about pet nutrition and pet owners are becoming more conscious about pet care products. Growth is recorded in all categories including pet food, pet pharmaceuticals, grooming, toys and accessories while the pet food market is projected to cross $310 million (Rs. 2000 million) by 2020. In India, dogs are more popular pets as compared to cats, birds, fish and others. The dog food segment is expected to continue its dominance as the largest revenue contributor, followed bycat and fish food segments.

Due to urbanisation and the emergence of nuclear families in India, people are increasingly taking to pets for companionship. This has led to the growth of the pet care industry in India. According to reports, India is one of the largest growing pet care markets in the world. Pet care market in India was valued at $265 million (Rs. 1700 million) in 2017 and by 2020, it is expected to grow at 13.9% annually to become a $430 million (Rs. 2780 million) market.

Recently, Creature Companion, a pet care magazine organised the India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. A B2B exhibition-cum-trade show and Indian Pet Industry Dialogue (IPID) were also organised at the fair. The fair had many enthralling activities to enrapture pet lovers such as captivating aquarium displays and dog grooming workshops among other attractions.

IIPTF acted as a platform for importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors and service providers of the pet vertical to congregate under one roof, interact, discuss, network and forge vital international business relationships. Many established global names such as Tianjin Tangchao Foods (China), Bacterield (Germany), Group Depre Pet Food (Belgium) and Synergy Lab USA exhibited their product offerings in the IIPTF 2019.

Participants in the IPID discussed about the future of the pet industry in India and its global perspective. The congregation embarked upon the vision to make India the largest manufacturer and exporter of pet products by 2030 and exchanged views on the necessary measures to attain this goal.

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