August , 2021
A promise I bid thee give
11:49 am

Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria


In this cosmic circus,

On Earth’s stage

- cosmic director;

I play the role you bid,

Villain or hero, maybe the clown,

 - the actor is, an actor still.

A willing actor, an eager artist,

I joyously play the role,

In this circus of thy Creation -

To entertain the master,

the subjects too.

Bid me and I shall play.


A patient father, a loving mother,

A dutiful child or a loyal brother,

Maybe a devoted spouse, Or a trusted friend.

A kind employer or an earnest servant.

Bid me and I shall play.


Or, Is it the flaming devil,

 You want me become,

The vicious Hitler -

So good may unite.

Or the ten head Ravana of yore,

ruled one day by anger, hate, lust, envy, pride,

The other by ego, lies, deceit, greed,

And violence wild.

So the noble prince,

His victory may claim.

Maybe the cruel Kamsa, 

you want me play,

selfish to the core,

cruel to his kith and kin.

For Krishna,

To crush the evil self.

Or the tempestuous Saul one day;

Who in the desert you blinded,

To awaken the divine St. Paul within.


Bid me and I shall play.

The role you want,

Of light and dark,

On thy cosmic screen.


But a single promise I must exact.

One only promise, I bid thee give;

And I shall play the role you bid.


I bid thee ever stand by me,

I bid thee in my thoughts,

be always present.

I bid thee in silence sit,

In the heart of my hearts,

so I hear thy silent whisper,

when darkness clouds my mind.


Then for thee, I play -

 the hero loved one day,

 the villain despised the other.


A single promise, I bid thee give.

In my silent heart,

thou shall always stay.





This whole cosmos is the creator’s cosmic drama. We are but his thoughts projected on this screen to play the role of good and evil. 

What is then free will? How much free will and choices do we have - is it a narrow remit or a wide one.

When we are directed to play the role of evil - can we then play it with his thought in our minds, knowing we are playing a role or do we get so steeped in the role that we forget the director. We start to enjoy the role of evil for the short term gains it gives, that we go beyond the remits of the role and exercise our free will in the wrong manner and then our true suffering begins.


Ram and Krishna were the two famous Gods (prophet kings) of India who fought evil and their lives and wisdom and talks resulted in the two great texts - the Ramayana and the Gita. They were the pure manifestations (avatars) of the unmanifest Sat-chid-ananda.

Sat - ultimate truth

Chid - always existent

Ananda - bliss supreme


God is the absolute truth which has always existed and remains in bliss, and all else is a projection of illusions from this cosmic consciousness through cosmic intelligence (CI). 


Sat - chid - ananda is the essence of the one God described in the Vedas which can only be experienced. The taste of sugar cannot be proven in a test tube. In the same way, the sat -chid-ananda, which is the essence of God can only be experienced. And the human test tube has the ability to experience this Holy Spirit or grail. 


When through deep concentration our consciousness goes behind the screen of illusions we realise and witness the play of this cosmic intelligence and we become blissful and peaceful as well.



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