January , 2019
Restructuring of education syllabus is on the way: Satya Pal Singh
15:24 pm

B.E. Bureau

The Union Human Resource ministry is already on the way to restructuring the education syllabus. This is already in the news. It is known that a large number of academicians are already vocal about the complete interference in making syllabuses for higher education. They think that the variety of syllabuses in the university level is the beauty of the education system of the country. Uniform syllabus is not at all a healthy matter. Satya Pal Singh, Union Minister of State, Human Resource Development, recently said in Kolkata at a meeting convened by MCC, that the syllabus should have a forward looking approach, to train students not only for the present, but also for the future, 10–15 years from now. He spoke of restructuring of syllabus for Education by 2035. He said that in Harvard/MIT, curricula are made in futuristic mode, keeping in mind the expected developments in the next 20 years. He advocated the ‘Stay in India’ programme, which has been taken up in 30 countries.

He spoke about 5 pillars of a better education system of a country. Those are first, ia accessibility. But in India in spite of having 41,000 colleges and 900 universities, the rate of accessibility is only around 26%. Secondly, affordability, that is, education was free earlier, now it has become an industry. Then he mentioned accountability and equity, Equity means that the social and regional imbalances and urban–rural disparities. That should be controlled. The last was quality. It relates to Innovation & Research that has to be augmented & conversion of Research into Patents should be encouraged.

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