October , 2020
S5E18 : Connecting With Audience
13:14 pm

B.E. Bureau



“Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard” ~ Tim Notke


The guest of the 18th episode of TuriyaTalks, Season 5 was Mr. Prahlad Maity a.k.a Bisakto Chele, one of the renowned Youtuber, who discussed about his journey of Bisakto Chele, accompanied by the host Sandhya Sutodia who is the Co-founder of Turiya Communications. The session was held on 27th of October and the topic of discussion was ‘Connecting with the Audience ‘.


Mr. Prahlad believes that hard work is the key to success and nurturing your talent makes wonders. He talked about his journey, the way he started, from being a student of Journalism and Mass Communication to becoming a famous Youtuber. He talked about the love and support he has received from the people which kept him motivated. He stressed on the phrase - ‘To earn something one needs to fight for it‘. When asked about his favourite content creator on YouTube, he mentioned the YouTuber Bhuvan Bam – BB ki Vines.


Mr. Prahlad gave insights on how Youtube help in making content and earning money out of it. He discussed how he started his career as a wedding photographer and ended up being a vine creator instead. He further shared his thoughts regarding trends and how it had helped in making new content; he also spoke about the importance of the genre - how it can be of help to connect with the audience.


At last he concluded the session with a positive message saying we must support one another.


Link for TuriyaTalks S5E18 :

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