November , 2018
Sahaj to bring discounted medical services at the doorsteps of lakhs of rural customers
17:00 pm

B.E. Bureau

Sahaj e-Village Limited, a Srei initiative company, has partnered with Oxxy, India’s largest healthcare network to offer a host of discounted medical services including tests, treatments, and surgeries. The initiative is targeted towards India’s rural populace. The new service called OxxyNetwork LLP will be offered through the Sahaj portal, and will help secure the customer against the financial impact of medical bills during illness through specially designed medical services plans.

Some of important features of this service include – customised plans as per individual needs availed for a period of three months to a year for one person to a family of four members; no prior health check-up is required for availing the membership of the plans; it includes all pre-existing diseases; there is no age limit for members, even senior citizens can avail the plans; and it works in addition with any existing health insurance or mediclaim plans. The premiums have been kept at reasonable and minimal rates, ranging between Rs. 600 to Rs. 4000, depending upon the plan.

Sanjay Nandrajog, Group CEO, Sahaj e-Village Ltd informed, “Health related expenses are rising all across India. In particular the rural citizens, who remain under immense pressure, have to first cover long distances to avail medical facilities and then bear the cost of increasing medical and hospitalisation costs. Thus, with the commitment of bringing social inclusion to rural India, Sahaj has associated with Oxxy, to provide discounts up to 40% on medical expenses that cover diagnostics, medicine and hospitalisation bills for rural citizens through an Oxxy membership with over two lakh empanelled hospital and pathological centres. The membership is available at all Sahaj centres across India.”

Sahaj e-Village Ltd. was formed as an initiative of Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd in 2008. Since then, the organisation has taken several steps bring information and technology right at the doorstep of rural India.



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